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Sponged Together

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Created by
Directed by
Deetfeet (2009-2010)
William Leonard (2010 - 2014)
Rarity7Best (2014)
William Leonard (2014-present)
William Leonard
William Leonard
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William Leonard
Sponge Network
December 2009

Sponged Together is a spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants. It is about 8 different SpongeBob SquarePants characters living in the same house together in front of a million cameras, catching their every move. The characters here are: SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Pearl, Karen and Squidward. It is a parody of the TV show Drawn Together.

One interesting thing about the show is that it is more racy than SpongeBob SquarePants, and is not completely geared towards kids. Stephen Hillenburg works on the show since he made the original SpongeBob show more enjoyable to adults.

The show has been mistakenly canceled once, for the producers called the wrong number and some stranger told them they were canceled. Then it was officially canceled after 12 seasons. However, due to high ratings for reruns, fan mail, and a huge raise in DVD sales, the show was picked up for 16 test episodes for a 13th season to see if the show could still continue. That season it gained excellent new writers. Near the end of the season, it was picked up for 22 additional episodes for a 14th season.

Season 15 and 16 were ordered near the end of season 14 both with an order of 10 episodes. Originally, 20 were ordered for season 15, but the producers claimed it was better to start ordering smaller amounts of episodes per season. They set it at 10 episodes per season starting with season 15. The same thing was previously done with seasons 10-11.

Season 15 did well in the ratings, and gave the show its 200th episode, which the producers claim was: "One of the funniest yet hardest episodes to produce to date". The 200th episode is one of the most viewed episodes of "Sponged Together" to date. Nick@Night decided to go ahead and have a 17th and 18th season ordered once season 16 began, however the orders were canceled.

Nick@Nite has recently canceled Sponged Together because it was starting to get too hard to write for, and the creator believes it has run it's course. But then Deetfeet declared William Leonard future director of the show. William said, "I never thought I could be sent in to the director's chair just because I wrote six episodes!"

Season 17 was ordered in the beginning of season 16, with 12 episodes, despite of the cancellation. Season 16 did well in the raitings. Also, Ms. Puff was replaced with Pearl.

17th season was supposed to have 12 episodes but ended up with 14. After episode 1713 Sponged Together was on a hiatus for a long time. When season 17 finally ended, Nick@Nite ordered the 18th and 19th season with 12 and 18 episodes, respectively. Season 18 was the first themed season.

At the beginning of 19th season, it was announced that the show has been renewed for the 20th season, which will consist of 10 episodes.

Season 1 (2009 - 2010/7 Episodes)

This season had 8 episodes ordered, but one episode was held back due to racy content, so the episode count this season was 7.

Title Card # Title


"Pilot ("Sponged Together")" December 2, 2009
The characters move in to the house, and SpongeBob and Sandy finally show their feelings for each other.

"Bad Roomates" December 9, 2009
People start to go crazy as their roomates do things that either bug or disturb them greatly.

"Flabby Larry" December 30, 2009
Larry really lets himself go, so the people in the house show him a way to get thin and healthy again.

"Visiting Friend" December 16, 2009
Squidward visits the house, and is schocked by how much everyone has changed. Meanwhile, most of the guys plan something to do to Squidward's nose.

"Christmas In The House" December 23, 2009
Everyone in the house celebrates Christmas.

"Mr. Krab's Money" January 6, 2010
Someone steals every bit of Mr. Krab's money.

"The Season Finale 1: The Season Finale" January 13, 2010
The Housemates compete in a challenge which determines weither or not one of them goes home.

Season 2 (2010/15 Episodes)

The second season of "Sponged Together" had 14 episodes ordered, along with the held back episode from season one, it had 15 episodes.

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"The Season Finale 2: The Season Premiere" July 7, 2010
The second half of the season one cliff-hanger, nobody goes home because that would just ruin the show.

"The Plankton-Patrick Fusion" July 14, 2010
Plankton is making a machine that can morph two people into one, and Patrick walks in and Plankton falls in, and they fuse together.

"Sandy Gills" July 28, 2010
Sandy gives herself gills so she can go around the house without the air suit, meanwhile Mrs. Puff gets a DUI.

"Tuxedo-ing Around!" July 21, 2010
Mr. Krabs has a date with.... Sandy!?

"Cereal Patrick" August 11, 2010
Patrick gets his own cereal, while Mr. Krabs steals all the profits.

"Karen's Virus" August 4, 2010
Karen gets a virus, because she's a computer, meanwhile SpongeBob tries to get more buff than Larry.

"Giant Plankton" August 18, 2010
Plankton grows as tall as everyone in the house, meanwhile the girls get sent to prison for accidentally shop lifting.

"Pregnant Puff" August 25, 2010
Mrs. Puff thinks shes pregnant, meanwhile the guys wonder how she got pregnant.

"Parent Day" November 3, 2010
All the housemates parents come to visit.

"Thanksgiving Special" November 24, 2010
Everyone in the house celebrates Thanksgiving.

"Buff Larry" December 1, 2010
Larry gets a bit too thin and muscular, so the housemates try to get him to eat something, but he refuses saying it will cause him to get out of shape.

"Old Krabs" November 10, 2010
Everyone in the house thinks Mr. Krabs is getting too old, so they put him in a retirement home, meanwhile for Plankton, he finds this the perfect oppertunity to steal the Krabby Patty formula.

"Plankton & Sandy" August 17, 2010
Plankton and Sandy team up to create the greatest invention ever!!

"Ms. Puff's Cousin" December 8, 2010
Ms. Puff's cousin visits.

"The Christmas Season Finale" December 15, 2010
The housemates put on the play "A Christmas Carol".

Season 3 (2011/14 Episodes)

This season had 14 episodes ordered and aired.

Title Card # Title


"New Neighbors" February 2, 2011
New neighbors move into the house next door to the "Sponged Together" house.

"Bye Bye, Karen" February 9, 2011
Karen leaves Plankton, meanwhile the other housemates try to find a way to cheer Plankton up.

"Restaurant Sick" February 16, 2011
The house goes to a Restaurant for lunch, then, they get nuts about it and keep going there.

"Lost In The Jungle: 1" March 16, 2011
The housemates go on a trip to the Jungle, but their plane crashes!!!!.

"House Talent Show" March 2, 2011
The people in the house host a talent show.

"SpongeBob's Super Fantastic, Extra Magic, Extraordinary Sun Fun Time Show!!!!" February 23, 2011
SpongeBob creates a children's show, meanwhile Ms. Puff forgets how to drive.

"Mr. Krabs & Larry Eat Out" March 9, 2011
Mr Krabs and Larry accidentally go to a place where they serve Lobster.

"Lost In The Jungle: 2" August 3, 2011
The second half, the housemates try to find their way out of the jungle.

"Home Visiting" August 10, 2011
All the housemates go home and visit their families.

"Larry's Son" August 24, 2011
An unexpected visit from a boy who claims to be Larry's son visits, meanwhile Sandy makes an invention that can control people with a remote.

"Puffy Krabs" August 17, 2011
Mr. Krabs asks Ms. Puff out on another date, meanwhile SpongeBob misses working at "The Krusty Krab".

"Karen's Old Boyfriend" September 7, 2011
Karen's old boyfriend, a calculator, comes and visits the house, and makes Plankton jealous.

"Gary Come Home!" August 31, 2011
Gary unexpectingly visits the house, and SpongeBob has really misses him.

"The Musical Season Finale" September 14, 2011
The housemates compete in a music competition.

Season 4 (2012/14 Episodes)

This season had 14 episodes, once again, ordered, but, one episode was pulled due to quite racy content, and was replaced with a season 5 episode, which is to be announced.

Title Card # Title


"Season 4? Wow" January 4, 2012
The housemates all leave the house, thinking there isn't a fourth season, so they all must re-pack, move back in, and improvise.

"Sandy's New Rocket" January 11, 2012
Sandy takes all the housemates into outer space with her new rocket.

"Working Out" January 18, 2012
The housemates go to a workout place.

"SpongeBob's Age" January 25, 2012
Sandy makes a machince that can determine people's ages, meanwhile Patrick trys to make the most delicious ice cream ever.

"Jobs" February 1, 2012
As a challenge, all the housemates must get jobs.

"Puff Leaves" February 8, 2012
Ms. Puff is fed up with the house, so she leaves, and the housemates try to do anything to get her to come back.

"House Crazy" February 15, 2012
The housemates don't know how much more they can take of each other.

"Back To Normal" July 4, 2012
After a break, all the housemates can deal with each other again.

"Sick Plankton" July 11, 2012
Plankton becomes ill, so the housemates must help cure him.

"Karen's Relatives" July 25, 2012
Karen's relatives come to visit.

"Drivers License" July 18, 2012
Jealous that everyone else in the house has a license, SpongeBob goes to Ms. Puff to ask to take the test.

"House Renovation" August 1, 2012
The house needs some renovation, so the housemates must find some other place to live.

"Patrick & Larry" August 8, 2012
Patrick becomes good friends with Larry once he starts working out.

"The Season 4 Finale" August 15, 2012
The housemates must put on a full-blown Broadway musical in order to return for a fifth season.

Season 5 (2013/14 Episodes)

This season, once again, had 14 episodes ordered, however since episode 502 aired last season, and there still were some troubles with episode 409, season 6 was ordered and 602 would be filling in the vacant spot. One difference this season, though, was that the show was getting pretty expensive, mainly animation-wise, so it switched to a different form of animation (flash animation, but very good flash animation) so the show could continue without problems.

Title Card # Title


"Robbed!" February 6, 2013
The housemates get robbed, and they must find the culprit.

"T.V Monster" February 13, 2013
The housemates watch too much T.V, and their TV comes alive and trys to attack them!!

"The Most Weirdest Episode Ever!" February 20, 2013
Today is Wacky Day: SpongeBob turns into cheese, Patrick becomes healthy, Plankton becomes a huge success, Mr. Krabs becomes a huge failure, Sandy becomes dumb, Mrs. Puff becomes an old lady, Karen turns human and can breath underwater, and Larry becomes wimpy.

"Shopping Krabs" March 13, 2013
Mr. Krabs goes shopping.

"Italy" February 27, 2013
The housemates go to italy.

"Hairy House" March 6, 2013
Everyone in the house starts to grow alot of hair.

"The Mob" March 20, 2013
The housemates accidentally get involved with the mob.

"Puffed Up" September 4, 2013
Ms. Puff puffs up, but doesn't puff down.

"Boxing Patrick" September 11, 2013
Patrick takes up boxing.

"Squidward Returns" September 18, 2013
Squidward is sent to the house to stay for the remainder of Season 5.

"Hospital Sandy" September 25, 2013
Sandy has to go to the hospital, meanwhile SpongeBob teaches Squidward the perks of living in the "Sponged Together" house.

"Yoga Plankton" October 2, 2013
Plankton takes up yoga.

"House Mice" October 9, 2013
Sandy accidentally shrinks everyone in the house.

"The *Early* Halloween Season Finale" October 16, 2013
The house celebrates Halloween.

Season 6 (2014/14 Episodes)

This season had 14 episodes ordered, however, episode 602 aired last season, BUT, the network FINALLY decided to air episode 409, so it had a 14 episode count. By the way, Squidward left the house at the end of last season, so he is not here.

Title Card # Title


"*Same* House Party" January 1, 2014
SpongeBob throws a bad house party, so then Patrick throws a house party in a different room, soon it becomes a battle of house partys.

"Patrick & The KKK" January 8, 2014
Patrick accidentally joins the KKK, mistaking them for a group of ghosts. Meanwhile, SpongeBob has a cookout.

"A Whale's Visit" January 15, 2014
Pearl visits the house. Meanwhile, Patrick becomes Plankton's friend.

"Dogs" January 22, 2014
The housemates get new pets. SpongeBob doesn't want a new pet, though, because he misses Gary.

"Trip To Japan" January 29, 2014
The housemates take a trip to Japan.

"Mr. Puff" February 5, 2014
Mr. Puff, Ms. Puff's husband, returns, and makes Mr. Krabs jealous. Meanwhile, the rest of the guys go to the Aquarium.

"Trampoline Fun!" February 12, 2014
The housemates get a trampoline.

"Pat-napped" August 6, 2014
Patrick gets kidnapped by The Flying Dutchman, so SpongeBob must save him! Meanwhile, Plankton throws a party for the two's disappearances, due to the fact that SpongeBob was really getting on his nerves.

"The Sacred Ice Cream Truck" August 13, 2014
Patrick waits for the legend-told Sacred Ice Cream truck, which only comes once a millennium.

"Hide & Seek" August 20, 2014
The housemates play a game of hide & seek, until, pretty soon, it becomes a bit out of hand.

"The House Band" August 27, 2014
The housemates make a band.

"Playing Doctor" September 3, 2014
As a challenge, the housemates must get jobs as doctors.

"iPods & Broomsticks" September 10, 2014
Patrick gets an iPod, and Mr. Krabs finds a flying broomstick.

"6th Finale" September 17, 2014
The housemates must impress the network executives in order to get a 7th season.

Season 7 (2015/14 Episodes)

This season had 14 episodes ordered/aired. This season, once again, every episode aired in production order.

Title Card # Title Airdate

"Karaoke Machine" March 4, 2015
The housemates randomly receive a karaoke machine. Meanwhile, SpongeBob must teach Karen how to sing.

"Aliens!!" March 11, 2015
An alien spaceship lands behind the "Sponged Together" house, and they take the alien into their home.

"Camping" March 18, 2014
The housemates go camping.

"Mr. Krab's Driving Exam" March 25, 2015
After crashing his car on a date with Ms. Puff, Ms. Puff must teach Mr. Krabs how to drive again, and take the boating test. Meanwhile, the other housemates work on building a potato gun.

"April Fool!" April 1, 2015
In this wacked-out episode, all the housemates switch characters, for example, Mr. Krabs is Sandy, SpongeBob is Karen. The plot-line is, Karen gets hacked and is programmed to destroy the world.

"Plankton's Past" April 8, 2015
In this flashback episode, we see what Plankton did for the time period before the "Krusty Krab" opened, for EX: Meeting Karen, Living with his Mother, Becoming an expert scientist, so on and so on.

"The Carnival" April 15, 2015
The housemates go to the annual carnival, how ever, it turns out to be the hooks, and guess who it is who figures this out?

"Mythbusters" October 7, 2015
After watching the show "Mythbusters", the housemates feel like it would be fun to do something like that, so they open up their own myth-busting business.

"Patrick: The Ventriloquist" October 14, 2015
Patrick becomes an expert ventriloquist, meanwhile, the rest of the housemates are bored out of their minds (literally) and must find something to do.

"Racing Krabs" October 21, 2015
Mr. Krabs enters in a car race.

"7-Eleven" October 28, 2015
On Halloween, the housemates take a stop at a 7-Eleven to use the bathroom, but then are forced to stay their until someone buys candy, due to the lowest sales always being on Halloween night AND the weeks that follow it.

"Sandy Surface" November 4, 2015
Sandy returns to the surface, claiming she had offically had it with undersea life. The housemates must develop land-lungs to go to the surface and convince her to return to the "Sponged Together" house.

"College Days" November 11, 2015
The housemates all reminisce of their college days, even Patrick!

"An Early Thanksgiving" November 18, 2015
The housemates once again celebrate Thanksgiving, however, Sandy has to get all educational about it and starts telling thanksgiving stories, where the housemates play the characters.

Season 8 (2016/14 Episodes)

Season 8 had 14 episodes ordered/aired. It was also announced that this would be the final season of "Sponged Together". Reasons for cancellation are unknown, but it had a great run. This season would also bring the series up to its 100 episode mark.

Title Card # Title Airdate

"The Life & Times Of Sandy Cheeks" March 16, 2016
Sandy tells the housemates about her life before she moved to Bikini Bottom.

"Larry's Girlfriend" March 23, 2016
As it turns out, Larry has a girlfriend, and she comes and visits the house. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs & Ms. Puff get stuck in a resturant when they can't pay the bill.

"Mr. Krab's Diet" March 30, 2016
Mr. Krabs gets a bit pudgy, so the housemates force him on a diet.

"Ms. Puff's New Boating School" April 6, 2016
Ms. Puff reopens her Boating School, meanwhile Patrick trys to learn how to use a computer.

"SpongeBob DreamingPants" April 13, 2016
SpongeBob gets trapped in his dreams. Meanwhile, Gary comes to visit.

"Plankton & Karen's Second Honeymoon" April 20, 2016
Karen gets tired of Plankton treating her so bad, so Plankton makes it up to her by leaving the house for a while & taking her on a second honeymoon. Meanwhile, SpongeBob & Patrick start blowing bubbles until the house starts floating in the air.

"Patrick's Detective Agency" April 27, 2016
Patrick opens a detective agency in his house after seeing the movie: "Sherlock Holmes", meanwhile Ms. Puff has an unexpected visit from an old boating student.

"The 100th Episode Spectacular!!!!" November 2, 2016
SpongeBob is sad that nobody celebrated his birthday, so in order to make up for it, the housemates give him the best birthday party a Sponge could ask for!!

"The Coffee Business" November 9, 2016
Patrick makes a delicious coffee, meanwhile SpongeBob trys making dinner for the housemates, but people keep on messing it up.

"The Perfect Bubble-Soap" November 16, 2016
SpongeBob & Patrick become scientists in order to make the perfect bubble-soap formula. Meanwhile, after never getting her drivers license, Ms. Puff makes Sandy take the boating test.

""Sponged Together" Babies" November 23, 2016
In this non-action packed episode, we see what the housemates would have been like living in the "Sponged Together" house as babies.

"Larry's Workout Studio" November 30, 2016
Larry opens a workout studio. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs builds a "Krusy Krab" onto the house so he can have more money, SpongeBob is thrilled to have his job back, and Squidward guest appears in this episode as the cashier.

"The Best Enemies In The World" December 7, 2016
Mr. Krabs and Plankton have a talk about their past friendship, and why they can't be friends again. Meanwhile, SpongeBob & Patrick do something they haven't done in almost 8 years, go jelly-fishing.

"Cancelled" December 14, 2016
The housemates put on a talent/musical show, with looks at clips from the past 8 seasons, and guest appearances by anyone who has ever been on the show.

The "Sponged Together" Movie: The Movie!!

Visit Here: The "Sponged Together" Movie: The Movie!!

Season 9 (2018/26 Episodes)

Unexpectedly, "Sponged Together" was picked up for a 26 episode 9th season!! The writers were sure, and were even TOLD that season 8 was its last, but apparently, they changed their minds. This season is expected to begin after the movie has come to a finish.

Title Card # Title


"Welcome Home" January 3, 2018
The housemates return to the house after thinking the show was cancelled.

"SpongeBob's Sister" January 10, 2018
SpongeBob's sister, Tina SquarePants, visits the house, and Patrick becomes attracted to her.

"The Club" January 17, 2018
Larry joins a club. Meanwhile, Plankton wants to join the club.

"The Return Of The Secret Box" February 7, 2018
SpongeBob is looking for something in his room, which he shares with Patrick. Whilst looking, he comes upon the secret box. He opens it and looks inside. only this time he pulls the string, and out pops the picture from the christmas party. SpongeBob gets mad at Patrick, & they stop being friends, and the housemates try and get them to be friends again.

"King of the Rich" February 14, 2018
Mr. Krabs becomes rich. Soon he starts ordering people to do things for his money.

"Karate Plankton" February 21, 2018
Plankton wants to take up karate after seeing SpongeBob & Sandy in a karate match.

"Shape-Up Puff" February 28, 2018
When a housemate makes a joke about Ms. Puff's weight, she decides she needs to unpack pounds.

"Patrick's Chicken Farm" March 21, 2018
Patrick opens up a chicken farm harvesting eggs, meanwhile Larry gets a job working at the Bikini Bottom zoo.

"Mr. Krab's Diary" April 4, 2018
The housemates sneak into Mr. Krab's room anf find his diary. And of course, they read it.

"Real-Life Karen" April 11, 2018
Plankton makes Karen a human, meanwhile Patrick gets trapped in a bargain mart.

"Beach Sandy" April 18, 2018
Sandy becomes a life guard at goo lagoon, meanwhile SpongeBob repaints his room, much to his roomates dismay.

"Happy Birthday Larry!!" April 25, 2018
The housemates throw Larry a party for his 26th birthday.

"Sandy's Dog Feces" June 20, 2018
Sandy buys a dog, and it poops alot. Meanwhile, Larry gets a job as a master hair styler.

"Happy 4th Of July" July 4, 2018
The housemates celebrate July 4th with a big party, and its fun until Mr. Krabs breaks out the fireworks. Everything goes wrong when a firework turns out to be dynamite, and it explodes, destroying Bikini Bottom, and the "Sponged Together" house.

"Rebuilding Bikini Bottom: Happy 4th Of July Pt. 2" August 1, 2018
After the explosion, the housemates have to go to the hospital. The residents of Bikini Bottom claim it was Mr. Krab's fault, and it was. Mr. Krabs is given the option to pay a fine, or rebuild Bikini Bottom. Since he is such a cheapskate, he chooses to re-build Bikini Bottom. In the end, everything goes back to normal.

"Movie-Goers" August 8, 2018
The housemates go and see a movie, and are horrified at how awful it is. So, they decide to make their own movie.

"Taste Tester" September 20, 2018
Patrick becomes a taste tester for the Bikini Bottom restaurant Fancy, and gets food poisoning and has to be taken to the emergency room. Meahwhile, Plankton creates a device that can control peoples moods.

"Sponge In A Tree" October 17, 2018
SpongeBob climbs a tree and gets stuck, and every time a housemate try's to get him down, that housemate gets stuck in the tree as well.

"Old Folks" November 7, 2018
This episode shows what the housemates would be like living in the house if they were old.

"The Vacation: Part The First" November 14, 2018
They housemates decide they need to take a vacation. They have to choose between, the surface, Tennessee, or Las Vegas (underwater version). They choose Las Vegas.

"The Vacation: Part The Second" November 21, 2018
The Housemates drive to Las Vegas. Once they arrive, they check into their hotel and check out the night life, but first they develop a buddy system. Plankton & Mr. Krabs, Larry & Sandy, Karen & Ms, Puff, and SpongeBob & Patrick. They then hit the town. Until, somehow, every person gets separated from their buddys.

"The Vacation: The Big Finale" November 28, 2018
The housemates are frantically searching for each other. Finally, they all find each other except for one person, Plankton! They have no idea how it would be possible to find him in a place like Las Vegas, because he's so tiny! They look everywhere, with anything possible, magnifying glasses, Sandy even made an invention that makes anything small grow huge and still couldn't find him! They retreat to their hotel, and give up completely! Only to find, Plankton sitting on the bed. They all go home, and decide staying at home is enough of a vacation.

"Homeless Henry" December 5, 2018
A mysterious homeless fish named Henry suddenly appears on the living room couch one day. He refuses to leave so the housemates have to deal with Henry's bad manners. At the end, they find him a job and he leaves.

"Hurricane" December 12, 2018
A hurricane hits the outside world, and it affects the water to a state where is makes an underwater tornado, and throws the house in an unknown part of the ocean. The housemates then must push the house back to where it was, with a few stops along the way.

"Live-Action" December 19, 2018
The first live action episode, the housemates are played by what they really are, for example, SpongeBob is played by a real live-action Sponge, Mr. Krabs is a real crab, etc....

"Merry Day After Christmas" December 26, 2018
The housemates do a showcase of everything they got for Christmas.

Season 10 (2019/10 Episodes)

After the first four episodes in season 9 got really high ratings, a tenth season was picked up. 10 episodes were ordered. This season will run from January 30, 2019 – December 4, 2019. This season will also celebrate 10 years of "Sponged Together". In order to celebrate, Nick@Night is going to show a marathon of the top 10 episodes of the series, which will lead up to the ten-year celebration episode. The ten-year celebration episode will be the season finale. Also, on N@N, they will be showing a special about the history of "Sponged Together".

Title Card # Title


"Animation" January 30, 2019
As a challenge, the housemates must get jobs as animators.
  • Note: At one point, SpongeBob is animating for "Sponged Together".

"Gold Diggers Of '2019" February 6, 2019
Patrick tells the housemates that gold was discovered in Bikini Caverns, so they all go digging for gold. After finding nothing, the housemates realize that what Patrick read was from the 30's.

"The Rise & Decline Of Bubble Buddy" February 20, 2019
Bubble Buddy makes an un-expected visit to the "Sponged Together" house. Turns out he got very famous were ever it was he went. After a while, he starts ordering people around and acting like a jerk, so the housemates pop him. Causing SpongeBob to go into a deep depression, the housemates blow him a new bubble, who turns out to be the re-incarnation of Bubble Buddy!

"Koma Krabs" March 6, 2019
Somehow, Mr. Krabs slips into a coma. The housemates use a device Sandy created to go into his mind and wake him up.

"To The Desert, 1" April 24, 2019
The housemates, as a challenge, must survive 10 days out in the desert, but what happens when this desert is invested with, poisonous snakes, bugs, and a native fish tribe willing to do anything for food?

"To The Desert, 2" September 25, 2019
The housemates find a way to get back, but realize SpongeBob has been taken by the fish tribe, so they must save him before he is eaten!

"Plankton, The Video Game Guru" October 16, 2019
Plankton becomes a master at a video game, and finally has it all after winning a sea-wide tournament for the game. Mr. Krabs just won't let Plankton have anything, so he trains, and becomes an even bigger, and better player than Plankton. It all ends with Mr. Krabs and Plankton deciding that video games were a waste of time.

"Mrs. Puff's Musical" November 20, 2019
Mrs. Puff decides she needs something to do, so she goes off and writes a play. She submits it to a theater group, and they decide to put it on Broadway, and Mrs. Puff gets a lead role. The show, in the end, turns out to be a total failure.

"Larry's Recipe" November 27, 2019
Larry fins a jar of some unknown ingredient, and uses it in a dinner he makes for the housemates. Little does he realize that the ingredient is lobster!

"The 10-Year Episode Is About SpongeBob" December 4, 2019
SpongeBob decides that nobody needs him in the house, so he leaves, leaving a horridly annoying replacement Sponge, called, "BobHead CheeseBum", and the housemates HATE him and want him gone, so they go on a journey to find SpongeBob.
  • Note: this episode ends with the housemates commenting that it was too cliche for the 10-year episode to be about SpongeBob.

Season 11 (2020/10 Episodes)

After the airing of the episode: "The Rise & Decline Of Bubble Buddy" killing in the ratings, Season 11 was announced. Again, 10 episodes were ordered. This season will air from January 22, to June 10 of 2020.

Title Card # Title


"The CIA Ain't Got Nothin' On Me" January 22, 2020
Patrick, somehow, gets a job working at the CIA, which, however, turns out to really NOT be his profession. He almost causes a bombing on Bikini Bottom, but the housemates stop it by becoming superheroes and saving the day.
  • Note: The writers had no idea how to get the bombing for stopping, so they just decided to randomly have them form into superheroes. On another note, while they were thinking on the superhero idea, a possible IJLSA crossover was considered, but didn't happen.

"Larry In The Mafia" January 29, 2020
Larry meets up with a group of tough guys which he mistakes for a group of body builders, but turns out to be the mafia. Larry has to get out of the mafia without getting hurt. So the housemates set up a trap, have the mafia come to their house, and then the housemates take them down, and then to the police.

"Those Were The Good Old Days" February 5, 2020
This episode was done as a parody of cartoons from the 30's, everything is in B&W, and just about everything has the ability to sing and dance and talk.

"Artistic Endeavours" February 12, 2020
Plankton gets sad one day and starts painting, and it turns out to be a work of art! Plankton becomes a successful artist, but how long until Krabs steps in?

"To Hollywood! 1" February 19, 2020
The housemates decide to make another movie, but this time make sure it doesn't suck. So they go to undersea Hollywood! They start casting actors for parts and everything.

"To Hollywood! 2" May 13, 2020
The housemates continue to shoot the movie, and once it is completed it is sent out to the theaters. However, the movie turns out too be a collage of random clips from what they shot due to Patrick being the editor. It was a box office flop.

"Diner Of Puff" May 20, 2020
Mrs. Puff opens up a diner. It starts out very un-successful, until Mrs. Puff starts using very un-healthy ingredients, which makes the food taste better. All is well until a health inspector comes!

"Sandy And The Beast" May 27, 2020
Sandy finds out that another squirrel has moved under water, and gets in a relationship with him. However, all is not good when SpongeBob figures out hes going to use Sandy as part of a science experiment!! Can SpongeBob save her in time?

"The Old Folks Home" June 3, 2020
The housemates take a trip to a nursing home to visit the old folks. Features a guest appearance by "Old Man Jenkins".

"Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep" June 10, 2020
SpongeBob's boy scout reunion is coming, and when he was in Boy Scouts, the boys teased him and said "You'll never get married!", and SpongeBob said: "Alright fine, Boys, when you see mee arrive at our first boy scout reunion, you will see, in my hand, a wife, and you will all see how wrong you were!", and then he bet 100 dollars on it. So he asks Sandy to go with him and pretend to be his wife. Meanwhile, Karen's hard drive crashes and Plankton has to go to a Mac store to get it repaired.

Season 12 (2020/6 Episodes)

After the first few episodes in season 11 not doing so well in the ratings, and viewers complaining that the storys seemed to become too repetitive, Nick @ Night decided to end its partnership with "Sponged Together", and canceled it. However, in order to give it a proper ending, they ordered 6 final episodes for a twelfth and final season. These 6 episodes will air from October 28, 2020 – December 2, 2020.

Title Card # Title


"Mrs. Puff Is A Bad Driver" October 28, 2020
Mrs. Puff gets mad one night when driving home, and accidentally has a car crash. Her license is revoked and she must take the boating test herself, and guess who taught it? Who else but Sergeant Roderick.

"Karen The Chef" November 4, 2020
Everyone in the house is too lazy to make dinner, so Karen makes it herself, and it turns out excellent. She becomes a master chef.

"Bye Bye House? Part 1" November 11, 2020
A health inspector wants to shut down the house, making everyone sad.

"Bye Bye House? Part 2" November 18, 2020
The housemates all work together to clean up the house and it surroundings. Soon, however, it becomes a bit too clean, too a point where the health inspector wants it dirty again!

"Plankton: Computer Graphics Designer" November 25, 2020
Plankton is in his secret lab designing something for his computer. When a computer hacker finds it, he runs to the nearest Mac store and tells them about it. The man is arrested for hacking and then the mac people go the "Sponged Together" house, and hire Plankton as a designer of computer graphics. Plankton is worried and goes to Mr. Krabs and says: "FINE! WHEN ARE YOU GONNA DO IT?!", there is confusion, and Plankton explains how Mr. Krabs always takes things like this away from him. Mr. Krabs tells him that he wants Plankton to have this one. It ends with them becoming best friends again.

"The Big Phenomenal, Ultra Fast Paced, Hilarious Action Packed, Tasty And Quick To Eat, Magnificent And Great Series Finale!" December 2, 2020
The housemates host a musical series finale featuring songs, live action appearances from workers and voice artists, clips from the show, and guest appearances from every person who's seen screen time on the show. PLUS, this episode announces who wins "Sponged Together", and who was it? THE VIEWERS!! Then they all pack up their things and leave. The credits showcase the funniest lines and scenes of the show, then all the characters come on the screen and say: "THANKS FOR WATCHING!"

Season 13 (2022/16 Episodes)

"Sponged Together" seemed to gather more interest after it was actually canceled, and fans did not want the series to be canceled after all. So, Nick@Nite debated this for a while, but then decided, give the fans what they want. So 16 episodes for Season 13 were ordered to commence in 2022. It will run from January 5, 2022 – August 3, 2022.

Title Card # Title Airdate

"Welcome Back Once Again" January 5, 2022
The housemates receive notices that they have to once again, return to the "Sponged Together" house. They all refuse saying, "You'll just cancel us after three years again!" So the housemates are kidnapped by the government and must bargain with the creators. Soon, they come to an agreement, and they all move back In.

"Krabby Party" January 12, 2022
Mr. Krabs must leave the Krusty Krab again, but then he remembers that in one season, he just opened the restaurant in the "Sponged Together" house, so he just moved it back there! In order to get people to realize its at the house, he hosts a party at the house. However, during the party Sandy is working on a science experiment in her lab, a loud noise disrupts her and she kicks everyone except the housemates, out of the house, forcing Mr. Krabs to loose his money from the guests and he has to close the house "Krusty Krab".

"Conflict In The Household" February 2, 2022
Mr. Krabs hates Sandy for kicking everyone out of the house and making him loose his money, and tensions rise, as everyone starts having reasons to hate everyone else, except SpongeBob, who keeps trying to make everyone friends again. Meanwhile, Patrick keeps borrowing money from SpongeBob and not paying him back, so SpongeBob gives Patrick 7 days to get his money back.

"The Bakery" February 9, 2022
As a challenge, the housemates must open a bakery and not forget about it immediately in the next episode. They have to keep it going for the rest of season 13.

"Don't Be My Valentine" February 16, 2022
It's Valentine's Day, but the housemates don't know who to pick. Why? Because they all love Sandy! Meanwhile, Patrick sells something special in the bakery... Love Heart Buns!

"Best Friends?" April 6, 2022
SpongeBob buys "Sponged Together: The Complete Series" and sees that in episode 1205, Mr. Krabs and Plankton were friends! He is confused, because they keep having fights in the bakery. He asks them about this, and they claim they were just "Working it up for the cameras", and Plankton says "Plus it was our second to last episode, it needed something emotional".

"Plankton Vs. Larry" April 20, 2022
Plankton complains that nobody is doing anything with the bakery, especially Larry. Plankton confronts Larry on the subject, but Larry claims that he has been working out for the "Bikini Bottom Muscle Competition". So, Plankton hypnotizes Larry and makes him work at the bakery, but what will happen when the contest comes along?

"The Return Of The Squid" April 27, 2022
As a surprising twist, Squidward was made an official new character of "Sponged Together". Squidward decides he wants to be part of the bakery, but soon he gets real bossy. As a B-Story, the housemates are told they have the rest of the season to find out who they want Squidward to be the replacement of.

"Squilliam's Son" June 15, 2022
Squilliam's Son wants to move in. Meanwhile, Squilliam complains that Squidward has been littering.

"Animator Dominator" June 22, 2022
SpongeBob becomes an animator. Meanwhile, Plankton is up to no good building a machine that will take over the world. Plankton uses his machine to take over Bikini Bottom, and it smashes the bakery. Then SpongeBob makes an animation that distracts Plankton and then he decides to stop.

"Bakery Rebuild" June 29, 2022
Since Plankton crushed the bakery, The housemates have to rebuild it. They take turns staying home and torturing Plankton.

"Party Night" July 6, 2022
It's the night for the house to party, and SpongeBob knows what the decorations will be.

"Unluckiest Episode Ever" July 13, 2022
Squidward starts bossing everyone around. Mr. Krabs threatens to fire him, but Squidward laughs at that threat. Then, SpongeBob decides to do a naughty April Fools trick on Squidward, and he turns nice unfortunately. Meanwhile, the bakery is not going on well, and Patrick closes it down. But, Squidward, on strike, luckily has enough money to take over the establishment.

"When Krabs Is Behind The Wheel..." July 20, 2022
SpongeBob sees Mr. Krabs walking to a lot of places, so he asks him "Why don't you drive?", and he answers "well, boy, I never got a license". So SpongeBob takes Mr. Krabs to Ms. Puffs old boating school, to find Ms. Puff is there. They ask why she is not at the "S-T" house, and she claims "I usually hang around here when the episodes have nothing to do with me". So she starts teaching Mr. Krabs, until Krabs realizes he has to pay for boating school! Also, Ms. Puff never realized why he was in Boating School, until he was put behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Patrick has to do community service for eating all the town's Ice Cream supply.

"Revenge" July 27, 2022
When Larry hears that theirs only one week left this season, he decides to create a scandal. Larry remembers that Plankton hypnotized him a few weeks ago, so he decides to get revenge. Meanwhile, Plankton has secluded and locked himself in his lab in order to work on a invention in peace. So Larry asks SpongeBob to pick the locks, and tells him about the revenge. So SpongeBob goes and tells Plankton, and Plankton puts traps up all around his part of the room, until Larry comes with some friends. Meanwhile, Sandy trys to teach Patrick how to be a scientist.

"The Best Season Finale" August 3, 2022
SpongeBob finds clips of people who use to live in the house, and now, their ghosts haunt the house; also, the housemates finally close down the bakery, by destroying it to pieces.
  • Note: At the end of this episode, Squidward announces that whom he replaces will be announced as the premiere next season.

Season 14 (2023/22 episodes)

Season 14 was announced fairly close to the end of season 13, with the episodes in season 13 getting steady ratings throughout. This season, Squidward will officially be in the series from here on, replacing Larry. This season will air from January 25, 2023 – December 27, 2023 .

Title Card # Title


"Goodbye!" January 25, 2023
The housemates host a talk-show like episode, with Squidward interviewing each housemates and asking them why they think they shouldn't be the one he replaces. In the end, it comes down between Ms. Puff and Larry. And who gets voted out? Larry gets the boot, and Ms. Puff stays.

"Moustache Mania" February 1, 2023
Squidward grows a mustache after Squilliam told him they were the latest fashion. He goes and shows the housemates, and they all laugh at him. He tells them they don't know anything about fashion, so they all grow mustaches! Soon the housemates realize that Squidward's mustache was fake, and their mustaches were real, so they must find a way to get them off without shaving, since they're all too afraid to.

"Prom Night Problem" Febuary 8, 2023
SpongeBob is going to the prom but there is one problem. Sandy and Pearl both ask SpongeBob if he can be their date. SpongeBob doesn't know what to do!

Can he fix this before it's too late?

"Squirrel Pants" Febuary 15, 2023
Sandy wants to test her new invention that can turn any sea creature to a squirrel. She uses SpongeBob as a test dummy, but the machine goes wrong and SpongeBob is stuck in a squirrel body! Can Sandy fix her invention and get SpongeBob back to normal??

"Sandy's Date" February 22, 2023
Plankton is blind, so Sandy goes on a date with him. But it makes SpongeBob jealous.

"Mr. Krabs On Weight Watchers" March 22, 2023
Mr. Krabs finds out that he is wanted on the Bikini Bottom television show, "Weight Watchers". He is on his way, when he molts his shell again. That's when he realizes why he was on Weight Watchers to begin with! So he asks a certain someone in the house to sub for him...

"Patrick The Hero" Apri 5, 2023
Patrick becomes the local superhero of Bikini Bottom so he calls himself Super Patrick.

"The Art Of Money?" April 12, 2023
Mr. Krabs has been running out of money since he hasn't had a job. He then finds Squidward painting, and Mr. Krabs realizes he can paint fake money! So he makes very realistic looking money and soon he is rich beyond his wildest dreams. However, Squidward is angered by this, claiming that "That's not what you should use artistic talents for!". So he forces Mr. Krabs to enter a painting contest to show what painting other things can be like. In the end, Mr. Krabs loses and everyone figures out the money he used was fake.

"I Pronounce You Starfish And W.I.F.E..." April 19, 2023
Karen finds out that Plankton can't afford money for Karen's battery and other electronic devices. He tries to make more money, but to no success. Karen thinks Plankton is not trying hard enough, so in order to get him to work for the money, she marries Patrick, claiming "If you get the money in time, I'll return". Plankton is jealous so he traps Patrick and takes Karen, trying to get back with her, but she says "I'll come back when you have the money". So Plankton asks Mr. Krabs for help, and he claims he'll give him a loan as long as he can pay him back, with some extra. He agrees, but it turns out Plankton was lying, and he buys Karen the electronic devices, and she gets back together with Plankton.

"Squirrel Prank" April 26, 2023
After getting annoyed by Mr Krabs' jokes Sandy pulls a prank on the people that teased her.

"One Squid Band" May 3, 2023
Squidward becomes a band himself and most of the housemates like his music.

"Karate Star" May 10, 2023
Sandy and Patrick both become karate stars.

"Squidward's Lucky Day" May 17, 2023
Squidward gets luckier by the minute as a result of thinking he is the star of house. The others get jealous.

"Surfing Squirrel" May 24, 2023
Sandy is the best at surfing and wins a lot of awards. Squidward and Patrick want to try surfing in order to beat Sandy. Well, long story short, it doesn't go so well, so Sandy teaches them how to surf. Once again, the lessons don't go so well after all. Sandy says they have to learn how to surf by their own. Can they ever learn how to surf?

"Mr. Puff Returns!" May 31, 2023
Mr. Puff returns to Bikini Bottom to find Ms. Puff again, and he finds out she's still at the "Sponged Together" house. When he arrives he finds out Ms. Puff & Mr. Krabs are still dating. Mr. Puff gets mad and starts trouble with Mr. Krabs. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to do their own musical called "Jellyfishing: The Musical". He has a scene where Ms. Puff and Mr. Krabs have to kiss. When the show is put on stage, however, Mr. Puff is in the audience and Mr. Krabs sees how upset he is. He decides to try and get them back together, but this couldn't happen for 2 reasons.

1. Ms. Puff chose Mr. Krabs over Mr. Puff. 2. There could only be 8 characters in the house, and Mr. Puff would have to live in the house with Ms. Puff.

"SpongeBob's Boating Clown!" November 15, 2023
SpongeBob hears that Ms. Puff is throwing a party at her boating school for all of the students that passed the boating test. The party has a clown theme. You can only come if you've passed and you have to wear a clown suit. So SpongeBob, despite not passing Boating school, decides to go anyway. Patrick comes along with him, but his fear of clowns kick in and he starts attacking everything. Recently, Mr. Krabs finally passed the boating test, and he buys a clown costume and goes to the party. He is the oldest one there. He pigs out on the food, since it is all free, but then Patrick comes and attacks everything. Who shall save the day?

"So-called Hospital Accident?" November 22, 2023
Patrick gets sick. SpongeBob forces Squidward to help him take care of Patrick. Soon, Patrick starts to feel worse so SpongeBob calls an ambulance, and they take Patrick to the hospital. SpongeBob and Squidward tag along and SpongeBob tries to get Patrick to laugh by dressing up as a doctor. Squidward, finding this a great opportunity, tells the nurses to have him preform an operation on a random patient. Patrick hates the hospital so he escapes, and, much to Squidward's dismay, SpongeBob does the operation perfectly. Then they all go home.

"Foster P.C" November 29, 2023
Because Karen annoys him, Plankton buys a calculator, which turns out to be Karen's niece.

"My Home Isn't Your Home!" December 6, 2023
The population of the sea is growing and crowding King Neptune, so he must find another place to live. So he moves to the sea clouds, but its too crowded there too, so King Neptune moves to Jellyfish Fields. Meanwhile, In glove world, the housemates all go to their annual flying event where you sit in a giant glove and it takes you above the sea clouds. But soon, their glove crashes and lands in the sea clouds! They try to ask someone for help, but no one speaks their language. Soon everyone is separated and Patrick falls off the clouds and into Jellyfish Fields, where King Neptune is, and King Neptune makes him his slave. Will they all survive? DUH.

"One Night Without Electricity" December 13, 2023
There is a big snow storm and the power goes out! Mrs. Puff can't read her boating school teacher's manual, Squidward can't get his highly paid-for massage since the guy can't see anything, Mr. Krabs can't count his money, and SpongeBob and Patrick become afraid of the dark!

"Beach Party?" December 20, 2024
The Sponged Together House's residents go to the beach and host a beach party. But do they know that this is a dream(as it currently is winter)?

"New Year, New Problem" December 27, 2023
The Sponged Together House is ready to celebrate the new year. However, the house doesn't have any fireworks and they don't have any money to buy any. They decide that, in order to get the best ones, they have to go to the surface and take some, but they get caught.

Season 15 (2024/10 episodes)

10 episodes were picked up for season 15. This season will run from January 24, 2024 til June 26, 2024.

Title Card # Title Airdate

"Unpopular" January 24, 2024
Mr. Krabs misses the Krusty Krab, so he opens it up next to the Sponged Together house again. With all that money rolling in for the Krusty Krab, the Sponged Together house is getting very unpopular, and the press get very close to ending the series. But they just barely save their bacon by moving the Krusty Krab into the Sponged Together house. Then more people come there to visit for the Sponged Together show, and Mr. Krabs is forced to close the Krusty Krab. Again.

"Star Comedian" January 31, 2024
Patrick reveals he has secretly always wanted to be a comedian. So, he tries his routine on the housemates, but they don't like it. So they help him rework his act. Soon, he is the funniest comedian in the world! However, this soon proves to be a problem, for two reasons:

1. The world is literally dying of laughter

2. Other Comedians are plotting to "get rid of" Patrick.

"Framed!" February 7, 2024
The "Sponged Together" housemates are framed for something that a bunch of lookalikes have done! They are sued and must find the real culprits.

"Episode #200!" February 14, 2024
This episode is comprised ENTIRELY of clips from the past 200 episodes to form this story-line: Mr. Krabs thinks that Plankton has finally gotten his formula, due to the fact that he has started selling delicious food. Includes random guest appearances by Larry for the clips from episodes he was in.

"Episode #200?" February 21, 2024
Plankton's latest plan has succeeded - he has erased the memories of last week's episode from everybody's mind, and they think it's still Episode #200. However, as they remember what the creator intended for that day, their memories come back and Plankton is in deep trouble.

"Bad Worm!" May 29, 2024
SpongeBob misses Gary, so he buys a pet worm, which he names Rexy.

"N20" June 5, 2014
Plankton seeps nitrous oxide into the house, so all the housemates laugh non-stop. However, Sandy(also laughing) must fight her way to stop Plankton's perilous plan!

"Patrick's Bad Day" June 12, 2024
Patrick has been having a bad day beacuse Plankton put a curse on him! SpongeBob and Sandy must help him get rid of the curse. First they must catch him before he goes through any more bad luck! Can SpongeBob and Sandy find a cure for Patrick's bad luck?

"Flood In The House! Part One" June 19, 2024
It's been raining for 3 days straight, and on day 4, a flood comes in! The housemates try their best to bail out the water, but no good. If all goes well, episode 1607 might solve the problem!

"Mrs. Puff's Very Special Season Finale" June 26, 2024
Mrs. Puff finds a magical wand at the bottom of the sea. The other seven housemates don't believe this. So Ms. Puff gets really angry, and puts a curse on the universe that makes her the king of the world. The other housemates must destroy and/or stop her before it gets out of hand and before they run of out time. Because the episode is only 20 minutes long.

Season 16 (2025/10 Episodes)

Along with season 15, Nick@Night went ahead and ordered a 16th season of 10 episodes. The airdates rule is:

  • 5 episodes air from January 29-February 26
  • Then the rest air from July 30, 2025 – August 27, 2025.

This will also be the series final season in which Deetfeet is in charge.

Title Card # Title Airdate

Written by

"A Brand New Season" January 29, 2025
SpongeBob finds out his old house had been repossessed due to him not paying his bills or mortgage. And, as it turns out, this happened to all the other housemates too! So they have to make a get-rich-quick scheme to get enough money to pay their dues.

"Nematodes Appear!" February 5, 2025
Everyone goes on a vacation, but they leave a large amount of food in the Sponged Together house. So when they get back, nematodes are everywhere! The housemates try to get rid of the nematodes, but nothing ever works. So it looks like the nematodes are here to stay until when they finally get rid of them in the Season 16 finale!

"Cutey" February 12, 2025
SpongeBob makes a toy doll, which he calles Cutey. The other housemates think he's just darling, but Squidward thinks his Squidwood is better, so they throw a competition to see which one loves the most. However, Squidward is disqualified because he doesn't even have love, and Squidwood and Cutey make friends! Meanwhile, Patrick accidentally lets the nematodes eat their car, so they are unable to leave the house until the finale!

"You Use Me To Clean.." February 19, 2025
SpongeBob finds out all the sponges in Bikini Bottom are being taken to the surface to be used as kitchen sponges!! The housemates try to save him when the man comes but he his too far from their grasp. They must go to the surface for the umpteenth time and rescue him, and all the sea sponges!

"Essay" February 26, 2025
SpongeBob starts to write an essay about the future of stoplights, but when he completes it, the pesky nematodes chew his work to bits! There's only 20 minutes till boating school, what will SpongeBob do?

"Sweet Sixteen" July 30, 2025
It's Pearl's 16th birthday, so to make her wishes come true, Mr. Krabs replaces Mrs. Puff with Pearl! But Mrs. Puff loves Mr. Krabs and will do anything to get him back, so Mr. Krabs takes Mrs. Puff on a splendid date.

"Flood In The House! Part Two" August 6, 2025
The housemates are now up to their waists with water, and SpongeBob decides to save everyone by sucking all the water into himself. He gets so big, unfortunately, that he destroys the house. The episode ends with them repairing the house.

"Styled Together!" August 13, 2025
Even AFTER the house gets fixed, Pearl states that the house isn't fancy. She changes the show to "Styled Together!" But since the writers don't agree to write for it, Pearl makes herself co-director of the show! However, after one episode she is fired, and the show returns to normal.

"The Cameras" August 20, 2025
Plankton sees the Sponged Together page, and tries to hack into the cameras watching Mr. Krabs, so he can see him take the formula out of his pocket!

"We'll Stay Here!" August 27, 2025
Finally, like the earlier episodes said, the housemates get rid of the nematodes! They all lure the nematodes away by the leftover food they have. Then they get their car back, but they don't want to leave, so the director is forced to listen! Meanwhile, the nematodes carry away Gary from ep. 1506, and Rexy is trying to find them. He then spots Gary trapped inside a nematode, and cuts the nematode in half, before the episode ends!

Season 17 (2026/14 Episodes)

Things looked hopeless for Sponged Together when it was cancelled, because the show was running out of ideas, getting squeezed dry and getting too hard to write for. But then, after a huge amount of fan-mail, Deetfeet declared writer and fellow partner William Leonard director of the show. This season was supposed to have 12 episodes, but ended up with 14 episodes.

After episode 1713 Sponged Together was cancelled for a long time, but now director William Leonard has rebooted the series by himself.

Title Card # Title Airdate

Written by

"Seasonality!" January 7, 2026
Everyone is celebrating the New Year, but Patrick eats all the fireworks. As a punishment, they light PATRICK'S fuse!

"Party Time" January 14, 2026
Everyone throws a party to finally welcome Pearl. Pearl, however, thinks it would be better if her friends come along. It ends up with the housemates not even allowed to go in, so everyone decides to trash the party.

"Whack Hack" January 14, 2026
The girls try to hack into the Pentagon, which actually succeeds, and they are allowed access to top-secret files. But when they get careless and tell everyone about the files, World War III starts, and the boys save the day. Afterwards, in jail, the girls hack into SpongeBob's online diary. The episode ends as they chuckle.

"Mistakes" January 21, 2026
Everyone in this episode makes a fatal mistake, which will be fatal in one or another episode in Season 17 - Mr. Krabs spends all his money on a very expensive computer; Sandy sells her Treedome; Plankton makes friends with SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs; Pearl quits high school, preferring to hang out with SpongeBob; and Squidward throws away his clarinet.

"College Carnage" January 28, 2026
Pearl, due to quitting high school(see previous episode) hangs out with SpongeBob, hoping to one-up her old boyfriend, Long Tan And Handsome. However, she gains lots of unpopularity after dating SpongeBob and she is deliberately thrown out of a prom. So she joins a new high school and gains lots of new friends, completely forgetting about SpongeBob, whom afterwards pretends to date Patrick.

"Wishing Too Well!" February 4, 2026
The housemates discover a wishing well at the house and they start wishing for many things - Mr. Krabs wishes for money, Sandy for a new rocket (to travel to the moon), Patrick for a "real" brain and Pearl for a Styled Together house, but unknown to them, that pesky Plankton is controlling this wishing well and is able to turn wishes into evil at any moment! However, SpongeBob sees that the wishing well doesn't do any good for relationships between the housemates and wishes for the wishing well to be gone, thus taking back all their wishes. Everybody is angry, especially Plankton!!

"Gow" February 4, 2026
SpongeBob accidentally pronounces How as Gow. Feeling embarrassed, he hides but he finds out all of the housemates think the word "gow" is pure genius! SpongeBob becomes famous, causing everyone to say gow instead of how, the Sponged Together house being expanded and SpongeBob becomes a billionaire! But now the housemates are jealous of SpongeBob's riches, so they try to get rid of the "new word".

"Gotta Go Home" February 11, 2026
SpongeBob realizes that his diary is full and goes to the shop to get a new one. However, seeing that the diary is a 2027 diary he realizes that he has been stuck at the house for over 15 years! Seeing that, he goes home straight away. But with no Patrick to play with, no Squidward to annoy, and no Mr. Krabs to work with, he is forced to return home, where he greets his housemates for the first time in over 15 years!

"Komputer Krabs" February 18, 2026
Mr Krabs finds out he lost all of his money after buying a very expensive computer. He tries to get back all of his money by making deals with people through the Internet. When one such deal lands him in the hands of a very evil man, will the housemates be able to save the day? Meanwhile, Patrick attempts to enter an intelligence competition.

"Friends At Last?" February 25, 2026
Plankton takes control of SpongeBob's and Mr Krabs' minds in order to make them believe they are his friends. When Karen finds out, she is very angry. Plankton ends up kicked out of the house. Can Mr Krabs and SpongeBob forgive Plankton for what he did and let him back in? Meanwhile, Sandy tries to haul her newest invention out of the house, in order to show it at a science contest, but it's just too heavy.

"The Lion" March 4, 2026
A lion escapes and runs in the house and the gang has to stop it before it takes the house!

"Spongey Trouble" March 11, 2026
The police interrogate the house., due to a robbery occurring nearby. Can the housemates find the culprit, and avoid the police at the same time?

"Battle in the House!" March 18, 2026
The characters fight each other in the house to watch TV.

"OMG Like Totally" March 25, 2026
The characters text each other in the house.

"Plain Lazy (special)" June 23, 2026
One-hour season finale. After the show goes back to normal the roommates decide to just kick back and relax for a while. SpongeBob and Patrick play Mario on the Wii, Squidward listens to clarinet music in bed, Pearl is on the phone all day, Mr. Krabs counts his money and Plankton and Karen read an evil genius magazine. The only person that does something useful is Sandy. She exercises her body and mind every day while the others just lay back doing nothing. A week passes by. The roommates are now overweight and too lazy to do anything. Sandy, who doesn't change a bit is shocked and has heard of the Lazy bug, who takes over their minds and makes them lazy until their heart stops beating and their mind stops thinking. Can she save her friends before they die of laziness??

Season 18 (2026-2027/15 Episodes)

After Season 17 officially ended, Nick@Nite ordered an 18th and 19th season. This season will consist of fourteen episodes and one TV movie.

Title Card # Title Airdate

Written by

"The House At War! (Part One)" June 3, 2026
Squidward gets a job working at an instrument store. He hates his job, until one day Squilliam walks into the store to get a replacement clarinet. Squidward confronts Squilliam, which results in him getting kicked out of the store. With his job gone, Squidward has no choice but to return to the house and organise his housemates to go to war against Squilliam! Meanwhile, Patrick tries to organise his room, and tries to hide the resulting destruction of his room from SpongeBob.

"Bomb Attack: 1" June 10, 2026
Some terrorists drop bombs on the gang's house! Can they survive the damage and then rebuild the house before they come back?

Season 19 (2027/18 Episodes)

Season 19 will consist of 18 episodes. This show has also been renewed for a 20th season. This season will run from January 29 to May 28, a new episode airing every Friday.


Believe it or not, this show is gonna have some rules.

1. You can join this spinoff if you want to. However, spam episodes and other vandalism will be removed.

2. There will always be eight characters in the house - no more, no less. If you want a character to be added in or removed, feel free to talk to the director.

3. Episodes are aired once a week, every Wednesday. Check an online calendar or iCal to find when your new episode will air.

4. Episode descriptions stay PG-13 at the most. Avoid any strong language or sexual references.


Please add your name if you would like a job on the series.

  • Deetfeet: Creator, Executive Producer, Writer 3rd Position (Season 1 - Present)
  • SuperSaiyanKirby: Executive Producer, Writer (Seasons 2 - 3, 5 - 6, 8 - 9, 12 - Present)
  • SpongeWriter: Head Writer, Executive Producer, Creative Director, Story Editor, Cleaner (Season 13 - Present)
  • Phineasandferbfan2010: Storyboard Artist (Season 13 - Present)
  • William Leonard: Title Card Designer (Season 1-) Writer 2nd Position, Storyboard Artist, Executive Producer, Director (Season 13 - Season 19), Producer
  • Singingpoodles: Writer (Season 13 - Present)
  • Etenitey the Hedgehog: Writer (Season 14 - Present)
  • MissAppear869: Writer (Season 14 - Present)
  • Quickster968: Writer (Season 14 - Present)
  • Stephen Burg: Writer, storyboard artist (season 17 - season 17)
  • Rarity7Best - Writer, Director (Season 19 - Present)
  • Ponyo Fan - Writer


  • The show has been mistakenly canceled once, and officially canceled once, and then un-canceled. Once more, the show was officially canceled, but despite that, the show is ongoing right now.
  • The show currently has 216 episodes and 16 seasons to its name.
  • The show is rated TV-PG and sometimes TV-14 which means it is one of the more adult-oriented SpongeBob spin-offs.
  • It is parody of Drawn Together.