A Good Day Out was the first SpongeBob and Gary.  


SpongeBob goes to the Krusty Krab, but the resturant has no chesse for the Krabby Patties. SpongeBob decides to go to the Moon to get some chesse. Gary suggests for them to just rebuild Sandy's rocket, but SpongeBob decides to build their own rocket. Gary finally launches the rocket to the Moon. On the Moon, SpongeBob takes all the Moon Chesse he can and tries to go bach home. But then decides that he, along with Gary, can stay on the Moon and have some fun. Meanwhile, an alien notices them and dosen't like their rocket or the idea of taking chesse. He then finds a SpongeBob's jellyfishing net and wonders what it will be like to go jellyfishing. Meanwhile, SpongeBob takes pictures of the Moon with his camera and decides it's time to go back. But suddenly, the alien swings the net over over Gary's shell and throws Gary across the Moon. The alien begins to swing the net at SpongeBob, who runs after Gary, making the net drop to the ground. After an hour, SpongeBob hops into the rocket with Gary. Seeing it was his last chance, the alien rushes to the back of the rocket and opens the trunk. He smashes the exhaust pipe, making fuel come out very quickly. SpongeBob notices his jellyfishing net and reaches for it. However, the alien quickly throws the net at SpongeBob and then smashes. SpongeBob and Gary return to Earth with enough chesse. Meanwhile, back on the Moon, the alien is sad, but then sees jellyfish-like aliens, and decides to jellyfish with what's left of the net.


  • SpongeBob is the only character that talks. However, Gary does say "meow" alot.
  • The episode is credited as a short film, however, it's a half hour long.


Oscar Awards: Best Animated Short Film/Nominated

Characters Present

Full Tittle

The full tittle of the episode is "A Good Day Out with SpongeBob and Gary."

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