At the Bikini Bottom Museum,SpongeBob and Patrick was a strange museum to love museum and the jigsaw "200,00 sea the Edmonton".Sir Thomas buyed SpongeBob jigsaw and Patrick discover the book of 200,00 sea the Edmonton by Thomas Jasper.

At the SpongeBob's House,Both SpongeBob and Patrick plays the jigsaw.HMMMMMMMMM?,they wonder at night because Patrick sleep at 12;00 and SpongeBob want sleep at bed.Squilliam Fancyson shows the jigsaw for those who can play is this by Thomas Jasper.Squilliam holds jigsaw and stole it.

During the morning,SpongeBob saw the missing jigsaw by Squilliam,Patrick has caused by the book collapse.Until the Squilliam's Opera House.The jigsaw has been steal with Squilliam fight SpongeBob and Patrick get the jigsaw.After Defeated Squilliam,Get the jigsaw and they run away.

SpongeBob tells Mr Krabs they get the money.And SpongeBob Don't look like money.Mr.Krabs gets anger with his brassnuckles and SpongeBob ran away

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