Series Card Title Writers Airdate

The Patrick Star Show
TheJasbre202 and History12346 September 12, 2006
Patrick has adventures in Kelp City with his new roommates, Richard and Phil.

Basket Sponge
Ghastlyop and SBCA January 1, 2015
This series revolves around the Bikini Bottom Bulldogs training for their basketball season with a little help from Coach LeBron James, while battling their rival team, The Toon Tomahawks, both on the court and off. With enough training, enough skill, and enough heart, the Bulldogs might just land a perfect season!

SpongeBob n' Stuff
PolarKey November 8, 2016
A generic SpongeBob show is taken over with memes, memes and more memes.

Dunces and Dragons Title Card
Dunces and Dragons
SpongeBot678, SBCA, and Cosmobo December 8, 2016
While testing Sandy's time machine, SpongeBob and Patrick end up trapped in Medieval times forever. Now Sir SpongeBob and Sir Patrick must help Squidly, King Krabs, Princess Pearl, The Dark Knight and King Krabs' new assistant Sir Natson protect Bikini Bottomshire.

SpongeBob's Fanon Wiki
PolarKey January 6, 2017
When SpongeBob and the gang stumble across this here wiki, stuff happens.

Ask The Squid
SpongeBob13579 January 12, 2017
Squidward answers people's questions, which are asked in the comments bar.

Despicable sponge
Despicable Sponge
SpongeBob13579 January 25, 2017
This is a cross-over spin-off between SpongeBob and Despicable Me.

SpongeBob: Another Life To Live
TheJasbre202 February 7, 2017
This series is based around an alternate reality of the SpongeBob universe, SpongeBob is an average normal person, Patrick, glove world owner, Squidward, Inky Squid owner, Gary, creator of Potato Computers Inc., & Sandy and Larry are married!

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