All Bets Are Off! is an upcoming episode from season 12.

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  • Patrick broke the fourth wall by say 'Its like were in a funny cartoon' due to them being in a cartoon,it was also broken when SpongeBob crashed into the camera and SpongeBob saying 'Sorry camera man' at the end of the show.
  • When Mr.Karb got his head in the toliet his pants were a little green
  • Sandy was a darker shade of brown on this episode.
  • Patrick was a lighter shade of pink on scene-4 and stays like that until scene-32       
  • Patrick was holding a spoon and the next scene he was't.
  • Plankton siting on a chair,but on the next scene he was on the floor.
  • The things they did to get the repice

  1. Sandy try using karate to brake the self in up braking her helmt.
  2. Plankton trys using giant hand to brake the self it goes the wrong way and hits Plankton and broken every bone in his body and also having to get new teeth.
  3. Mr.Krabs trys to bodyslam the door,but in up his head in the toliet.
  4. SpongeBob trys to crack the code (Which is relley dumb if you ask me) then ask the Goofey goober boss can he have the code to the self he say no then SpongeBob say "I lost".
  5. Patrick did the same SpongeBob,but the boss say yes for some reason so Patrick win,but eat the repice.