(SpongeBob is in the living room watching TV when he sees his toothpaste is all gone)

SpongeBob: Uh-oh! Outta toothpaste, again. I wish I could make my own toothpaste that would accutally work. That's it! I will make my own toothpaste! (goes to that lab and starts on the toothpaste) (1 hour later timecard) Finally I am done. Now to test it! (tests toothpaste) Perfect! Hey I shouldn't keep t to myself. I should sell it too everyone! (Time card 1 day later)

Lisa: Hey Mister, what is that loaf of barnacles?

SpongeBob: Well I am glad you asked! This is my new "Sparky Toothpaste" that is only 2 dollars!

Lisa: Well that is excellent! I'll take one.

Nat: I want one too!

Old Man Jenkins: I'll take 45! (shows teeth)

Crowd: We all want SPARKY TOOTHPASTE!

Writen by: Bigman602

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