Alternate version of the beginning of the episode.


Squidward: And stop bringing your neighbors to work!

Patrick: We're not just neighbors.

SpongeBob: You can say that again!

Patrick: We're not just neighbors, we are your neighbors! (customers notice and now getting angry)

Mr. Krabs: Squidward!, Why did you bring your neighbor!!??

Squidward: But Mr. Krabs, it wasn't me, it was-

Mr. Krabs: No buts!!! Next time, Don't bring your neighbor!!! (Mr. Krabs walks to the kitchen) Thank you, SpongeBob. (Mr. Krabs goes to the door that leads to his office, Squidward is shown look like a thermometer and the rest of the episode continues)

Trivia and Appearance

2nd time Mr. Krabs says no buts, the first was Wigstruck. Character Appearance (in order)

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