Amy Rose

Amy Rose is Back is an Episode from Season 42.

The Title Song is "My Sweet Passion": Amy Rose's Theme Song


Main Cast

  • Dr. Eggman
  • Bowser
  • Koopa


It was a Beautiful day in Bikini Bottom & the Mail Man put a Letter in the Mail Box & puts up the Mail Flag

Mail Man: Special Delivery for SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob: (Opens his Front Door) The Mail is here (Runs to the Mail Box) Oh Thank you (Kisses the Mail Man)

Mail Man: Whao, Whao, enough please Sheesh (Leaves)

SpongeBob: (Opens the Mail Box to see a Letter) A Letter & it's for me (Reads the Letter) "Dear SpongeBob, I am coming back to see Bikini Bottom with my Sonikku, don't even think about falling in love with me or you'll end up like last time, From Amy Rose".

("My Sweet Passion" Music Plays)

SpongeBob is Excited

SpongeBob: Amy Rose is coming back to Bikini Bottom & she is bringing Sonic with him, oh that's cute

Patrick: (Appears) Hey SpongeBob, the Mail's here, what'd you get

SpongeBob: A Letter from Amy

Patrick: Amy, you mean Amy Rose?

SpongeBob: Oh Yeah

Patrick: Yippeee

SpongeBob: I know isn't it fun?

Patrick: Yeah it is fun & Math is power


(Meanwhile at the Bus Stop)

Patrick: A.B,C,D,E,F,G...

SpongeBob: The bus is here!

The bus took a Stop & drop off Amy Rose & Sonic

SpongeBob: Hi Guys, welcome back to Bikini Bottom

Amy: Thanks, are you in love with me?

SpongeBob: Nah, I'm over it now

Patrick: How's it going?

Sonic: Anyways, Tails told Amy to go to Bikini Bottom with Me, why did you made a Choice, Amy?

Amy: Because I wanted to be with you Forever

Sonic: Oh Man

(Later at the Chum Bucket)

Plankton: (Watches SpongeBob, Patrick, Sonic & Amy Rose through his Telescope) Falling in Love with him eh? I knew this would happen to Sonic, All I have to do is to Capture Amy to control her Mind to be my Minion & I know who can help along with me & That's Dr. Eggman and Bowser (Evil Laughter) (Swallows a Bug) I think I Swallow a Bug (Coughs) I hate that. That totally ruins an evil laugh.


SpongeBob: So how's your day going

Amy: Just fine

Patrick: Do Eggs Fly?

Sonic: What do you mean by that Patrick?

Patrick: (Points at the Eggpod) I think I see one Flying

Amy: That's an Eggpod Patrick

SpongeBob: (Sees Plankton on the Eggpod) Plankton?!

Sonic: (Sees Dr. Eggman on the Eggpod with Plankton) Eggman?!

Amy: (Sees Bowser on the Eggpod with Plankton and Eggman) Bowser?!

Plankton: That's right it's us & we work together to capture Amy to be my Slave

Bowser: Sorry shrimp, but she belongs to me after what she did to me.

Dr. Eggman: I'll get you Amy, like Last Time (About to Grab Amy)

Bowser: No way EggDork, That would be me.Stay out of the way and we'll get along just fine. (About to Grab Amy)

Sonic: Oh No (Pushes Amy out of the Way) Look Out (Grabed by Bowser, Eggman & Plankton)

Bowser: I got her!

Plankton: No you Knuckle Head, you grab Sonic Insted, but works for me

Bowser, Plankton & Dr. Eggman: (Carried Sonic away in their Eggpod)

Amy: Sonic!

SpongeBob: You know Eggman?

Amy: Yes, he's the one always captures me

Patrick: You know Plankton as well, I think?

SpongeBob: Patrick, you know she doesn't know about Plankton

Amy: Patrick is right, I know Plankton he is the one that turns my Friends into Babies, but in the End everything is back to normal

SpongeBob: But, what about the Turtle?

Amy: I'll tell you about him later.

SpongeBob: We gotta do something

Amy: I need to get back my Sonic as a Knight in Shiny Armor

Patrick: Knight in shiny Armor?

SpongeBob: It means she is in Love with Sonic

Patrick: Ohhhh

Amy: I need your help guys

SpongeBob: I guess the Only place is at the Chum Bucket

Amy: Ok let's go, I maybe not as fast like Sonic, but I need Sonic more than ever (Carries SpongeBob & Patrick) Hold on (She ran on Top Speed while Carrying SpongeBob & Patrick)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Wheeeeeeee!


(Later at the Chum Bucket)

Amy: We're here (Puts down SpongeBob & Patrick) Oh boy you guys are so heavy

Patrick: Sorry

SpongeBob: Where should we go inside?

Patrick: How about the Front Door?

Amy: No, I know the Air Vent

SpongeBob: Sorry, I remember last time that Patrick, Mr Krabs, Squidward & I went in the Air Vent

Amy: By the Way you need these (Gives SpongeBob a golf club)

SpongeBob: Wow, What is it?

Amy: It's a gof club, you silly Sponge

????:Hang on

Amy: What is it Patrick

Patrick: I didn't say anything.

SpongeBob: Me neither

Amy: So who did?

Koopa: I did (randomly with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Amy)

Amy: What are you doing here?

Koopa: Bowser was 5 bucks short on Payday.

Amy: Fine. (Gives Koopa a can of Deoderant)

Patrick: Can i have a plastic spoon)

Amy: Ok (Gives Patrick a plastic spoon)

Patrick: Thanks

Amy: Now Lets go (Goes in the Air Vent)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Ok (Went inside the Air Vent & follows Amy)

(Later inside the Chum Bucket)

Plankton: Now it's time for me to turn Sonic into my Slave

Dr. Eggman: No, I want to turn him into MY Slave

Bowser: Hold on there baldy, and shrimp. If there's gonna be any slaves it's gonna be mine.

Plankton: You?! Oh No you don't, he's Mine

Dr. Eggman: Not if I can help it (Tackles Plankton)

Plankton: Ow

Dr. Eggman: Nice try

Bowser: Not on my watch (tackles Eggman)

Plankton: Go Get your own (Attacks Bowser)

Bowser, Dr. Eggman & Plankton are fighting each other

(Meanwhile back in the Air Vent)

Amy: (Found Sonic) Sonic!

SpongeBob: We have betta be Quiet or we'll get caught

Koopa: I like trains.

Patrick: Ok

But Patrick's weight is making the Air Vent Break

Patrick: Oops

Koopa, SpongeBob, Patrick & Amy: (Fall down) Ahhhhhhhhhhh


They ended up in a Dogpile with Bowser, Plankton & Dr. Eggman

SpongeBob: Ouch

Amy: You go Distract Bowser, Eggman & Plankton while I'll get Sonic outta that Cage

SpongeBob: This is for the Krusty Krab (Squashs Plankton)

Plankton: Ouch

Patrick: This is for the Krabby Patties (Tackles Dr. Eggman)

Dr. Eggman: Get this Pink blob off of me!

Koopa: For Kibbles (Takles Bowser)

Bowser: That's not in the script. But it's good

Amy: And this is for my Friends back on Planet Mobius (Breaks the Cage open with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Sonic: I'm free, who resuce me?

Amy: I did, silly

Sonic: Ohh Amy, I hate to say it but Thank you for Resucing me

Amy: Your Welcome, now come on, lets get outta here

Sonic: Ok

Amy & Sonic ran outside

Koopa, SpongeBob & Patrick: Wait for us (Follows Amy & Sonic outside of the Chum Bucket)

Plankton: Oh man

Dr. Eggman: That's it, we're done

Bowser: Yea, Shrimp! I Quit!

Plankton: Fine, I need to go Solo WITHOUT YOU

Bowser: Ha! your life will be a mess without ME!!!

Dr. Eggman leaves the Chum Bucket without another word

Bowser: And me too.

Plankton: (Groans) Back to the old drawing board


("My Sweet Passion" music plays)

Koopa: Thanks Guys. Thanks to you I got my 5 bucks Now I must flee. (Leaving SpongeBob's House)

Sonic: Thank you for Resucing me Guys I am thankful for your help

SpongeBob: Your Welcome

Patrick: Yeah, your welcome

Amy: (In Singing Voice) Oh Sonikku

Sonic: Now I gotta go now bye (Ran away from Amy in a Blue Streaks of Light)

Amy: Come back Sonic, I want to kiss you (Follows Sonic in a Pink Streaks of Light) SONIKKUUUUUUUUU

SpongeBob: (Sighs) They do make a Charming Couple

Bowser: So do I.

Patrick: Where did you get here?

The End

Character Pictures


  • This is the First time that Plankton, Eggman & Bowser meet up together & have their plans failed by SpongeBob, Amy, Patrick & Koopa
  • This is somehow Koopa's First Appearance