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B&Pics is TV channel that airs all throughout the ocean. It is channel 101


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Other Blocks

Other Parts of B&Pics

  • Sponge Nights-On Wednesday nights B&Pics airs new episodes of the funny shows(Recently moved to Monday)
  • Action Star-On Friday nights B&Pics airs new episodes of the action shows(Still airs on Friday nights today)
  • New New New!-On Wednesday nights B&Pics airs new episodes of all the other shows(Started ever since Sponge Nights was moved to Monday)


"All the SpongeBob Hits!"

B&Pics in other forms

B&Pics HD

B&Pics HD offers HD to the B&Pics channel.It is channel 606,in reference to the normal channel number:101. MANY of the shows are HD, so i'll plainly list the shows that are NOT HD:

  • SpongeBob Shoppers
  • SpongePow
  • SpongeBob SquarePants(the actual show)
  • SpongeBob 8-Bit

Not much. But look at this:

B&Pics 3D

B&Pics 3D offers B&Pics being 3D!Not much of the shows are 3D. But here are the ones that are:

  • 3D!(only available in B&Pics 3D)
  • SpongeBob:Out and Active
  • Patrick:Star VS Food
  • SpongeTwins
  • SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures
  • Spy Buddies
  • The Mermaid Man Show
  • Krabby Road
  • Cartoon City

Not much compared to the number of B&Pics shows!

B&Pics On Demand

Yes!Channel 1(or 999!)!So,yeah.All the shows are on demand!So...yeah.

B&Pics Too

This is B&Pics Too. Its basically an alternate channel for B&Pics! The only difference with the programming schedules,its an hour and a later than the normal channel.

B&Pics DVD

B&Pics DVD is when their shows are on DVD. The shows most put on DVD are:

  • SpongeTwins
  • SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures
  • Cartoon City!


Crystal Ball-A fortune teller(SpongeBob)makes a prediction while the crystal ball turns into the B&Pics logo

Paintball-Yellow,red,and blue paintballs squish together making the B&Pics logo

Glasses-The Logo appears blurry but then glasses show,then rubbed and "put back on". Then the logo is clear

The 4th Wall(Only on B&Pics HD,replaces "Glasses" indent sometimes)-It appears not HD,but it shows SpongeBob going to the black part on an HD TV then pulls the logo on screen.

Dirty Wall-Squidward goes to a dirty wall,sighs,and wipes it off with a mop.Then the logo appears.

Fusion-SpongeBob,Patrick,and Squidward fuse together making the logo

Green Paint-SpongeBob paints the logo(wordless; doesn't have "B&Pics" on it),looks at it for a second,then adds the "B&Pics" on there

Random Raisin Bran-SpongeBob makes the logo out of raisin bran(the raisins are the words)then the Raisin Bran version of the logo turns into the logo.

Fighting-SpongeBob plays a video game were Mr. Krabs punches the star of the show next and they turn into the logo

Getting Into Character-The B&Pics logo rolls in then shows what's up next

Quickdraw-It shows a quick draw of a hand(much like SpongeBob's)appearing then drawing the B&Pics logo.

Quickdraw 2-It shows the same hand from "Quickdraw" drawing the words"Coming Up Next Is ___,On B&Pics!" along with the star of the show.Then there's an actual voiceover.

Marble- A Mario rolls around the screen,then it goes to the center then gets bigger,then it shows the "B&Pics" logo

That Our Patrick-It shows Patrick Roll the B&Pics logo and the Words say Coming Up Next Is That Our Patrick, On B&pics. Then the voiceover read it


  • Tiny B is based off of Playhouse Disney(Now B&Pics Junior/Disney Junior) while B&P adult is based off of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim!
  • The colors of the logo were based off SpongeBob(Yellow),Patrick(Pink),and Squidward(Blue).

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