"Baby Below"
Airdate: Febuary 4, 1990

Baby Below is a fanon episode. In this episode, Sandy gives birth to a baby and discovers how hard being a mother is.


  • Sandy
  • SpongeBob
  • Dr. Forrest
  • Sadie
  • Shubie
  • Nat
  • Frank
  • Nancy
  • Mabel
  • Lenny


  • (Scene cuts to Sandy's treedom)
  • Sandy: "SpongeBob! The baby's coming!"
  • SpongeBob: "Hold on, Sandy! I'll get the car."
  • Sandy gets in the car. Sandy: "You have a car?"
  • SpongeBob: "No. I just borrowed one."
  • SpongeBob drives to the hospital.
  • Dr. Forrest: "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. SquarePants, you have given birth to a healthy baby girl."
  • Sandy: "Can I see my baby?"
  • Sadie hands her the baby. Sadie: "So what's her name?"
  • Sandy: "How about Kiara?"
  • SpongeBob: "Sounds like a great name."
  • (Scene cuts to Sandy and SpongeBob leaving the hospital)
  • Sandy: "Oh, look. The baby's so adorable."
  • Shubie: "Is she your first?"
  • Sandy: "Yes."
  • Shubie: "Well, there's something you should know. Having a baby is great, but with every child comes a greater responsibility. I should know, I have seven kids."
  • Sandy: "I'm sure it will be fine." 
  • (Scene cuts to Sandy's house)
  • SpongeBob: "Well, I have to go to work. Bye Sandy!"
  • Sandy: "Goodbye! Have a nice day!" SpongeBob leaves.
  • Sandy looks at Kiara. Sandy: "Now, what am I gonna do with you. I know! How 'bout, a stroll in the park!"
  • (Scene cuts to Sandy in the park)
  • Sandy: "This is so boring! What am I gonna do with you?" Sandy sees a hill.
  • Sandy: "Oh, I know." Sandy pushes the stroller onto the top of the hill. Sandy: "Cowabunga!" Sandy jumps onto the stroller as it goes flying down the hill.
  • (Scene cuts to Frank and Nancy having a picnic)
  • Frank pulls out a ring. Frank: "Nancy, will you marry me?" Frank gets hit by the stroller.
  • The stroller goes flying onto a street. Mabel: "Honey, floor it!" Lenny speeds away through a red light, and crashes into Martha and Tom's boat.
  • The stroller goes down the street and crashes into the Krusty Krab. The Krusty Krab goes on fire. Mr. Krabs: "SpongeBob!" 
  • (Scene cuts to SpongeBob going to work the next day) SpongeBob: "Why don't I bring Kiara to work today Sandy, since the last time you took care of her, you destroyed the Krusty Krab." Sandy: "Ok that's fine, I have experiments to work on anyway."
  • (Scene cuts to SpongeBob taking care of Kiara at Krusty Krab) Squidward: "SpongeBob! What are you doing? I need you to make more than twenty patties! We're very busy today!"
  • SpongeBob: "Ok, I'm on it. Kiara, don't go anywhere." As soon as SpongeBob walks away, Kiara crawls out the door and into the Krusty Krab.