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Back To Slack has breaking news.
The series will end after its 8th season
July 18, 2013

Back To Slack
Created by Newleaffan
# of seasons 4 (official seasons)
# of episodes 17 (official episodes)
5 (deleted episodes)
Spin-off status Active
Directed by Newleaffan
Writer(s) Newleaffan
Creative directors Newleaffan
Storyboard artist(s) Newleaffan
Producer(s) Newleaffan
Supervising producer(s) Newleaffan
Production company Superior Sunday Productions

Back To Slack is upcoming series produced by Superior Sunday Productions. (This is not based on Regular Show)


Slack Deck Season 1 DVD

Deleted Episodes

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Newleaffan: Creator

Awards Won


Award Category Status
SpongeBob Polo Awards Best New Spin-Off Nominated
SpongeBob Polo Awards Best Spin-off Episode (Life Of Fish) Nominated


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Season 1 (June - July 2013)

The series begins with Life Of Fish and goes on and on with fun adventures like Pet Perkins.The season ends with I Lost My Pet Snail Part 1

Title Card # Title Airdate

SpongeBob dream cloud
"Life Of Fish" June 2, 2013
After 50 job rejects, SpongeBob takes a fry cook job.
"Seahoe Chaos" June 9, 2013
Sandy's cousin comes for a fake hoedown.
Bikini Bottom News
"Pet Perkins" June 16, 2013
When Plankton accidentally turns Perch Perkins into a dog.
"Guy Yellow and Mister Red" June 23, 2013
SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs get accused for robbing a thrift shop.
"Snail Guy" June 30, 2013
Squidward finds his identical twin but as a snail.
Gary the snail
"I Lost My Pet Snail Part 1" July 6, 2013
SpongeBob gets mad at Gary for eating his glove which drives him to runaway


  • Based on the breaking news, the season 4 finale was a movie instead of a bloopers. Although, the bloopers episode, Bloops Da Bloop, will be in the season but near the end.
  • On July 18, 2013, it says that the series will end after the eighth episode.
  • The show was supposed to be a rated R movie
  • The name, Back To Slack sounds like SpongeBob hates work but it actually means that Patrick worked at the Krusty Krab but kept slacking off.
  • This is unknown to have all characters in the series because Pearl doesn't make an appearance.
  • Due to changes of how the series might end, the series finale will end with SpongeBob and Patrick leaving Bikini Bottom.