Basic Plotline

People in the house start to go crazy as their roommates do things that either bug or disturb them greatly.

More In-Depth Plotline

After the Sponged Together theme, it shows Mr Krabs sleeping peacefully, until Patrick yells at the top of his voice, waking Krabs up. Patrick then yells again, even louder, waking everyone in the room up. In the other room, Karen starts beeping while turning on, causing Sandy to freak out and karate chop her. Mrs. Puff then Puffs up after a nightmare, hurting everyone in the room. Then, Patrick runs into the room and yells. The scene then cuts to the attic where SpongeBob, Mr Krabs, Plankton, Larry and Sandy are planning to evict Karen, Patrick and Mrs Puff. Patrick, Karen and Mrs Puff hear due to SpongeBob's loud voice and start throwing spatulas at the other housemates. They then have to say that they will never threaten to evict the housemates ever again. All is forgotten and everyone is peaceful until SpongeBob phones that there are burglars in the house. Mr Krabs runs downstairs to catch the burglars, but it turns out SpongeBob was pulling a prank. Mr Krabs gets annoyed with SpongeBob and begins to go mad. Later, after many more crazy acts, everyone in the house goes absolutely insane! Soon, Larry bumps his head and changes into his normal form. He then realizes what happened and bangs the housemates' heads against the wall. The housemates then agree that they will never annoy each other ever again (except Plankton, who says he will annoy them until the day he dies) The episode then ends. Afterwards it shows a sneak preview of Flabby Larry.


The episode gained 10.4 million viewers, almost as many as the pilot.

The episode also got positive reviews, some saying that it is better than the pilot.

Nickelodeon's Reception

The first rerun of the episode got 8.7 million viewers and the second rerun got exactly the same amount. Nick@Nite were happy to say that with this episode, it was definitely one of their best shows to date.

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