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Bikini Bottom is a city where the main cast (and minor characters) of SpongeBob SquarePants live and all the others. In The Moving Krab, it is revealed that Bikini Bottom is the county seat of Bikini County. The registration plates are BKN. 


  • Bikini Bottom has been around since 1786.
  • Bikini Bottom houses exits 12-17 on the PLSH
  • Bikini Bottom came from the old kingdom of Kingshire

Famous Residential Locations

Fan Creations


  • Bikini Bottom Pawn Shop

Fan Creations

Major Restaurants

  • The Krusty Krab - The fast food restaurant that is owned by Mr. Krabs. SpongeBob works as there as a fry cook.
  • The Chum Bucket - A fast food restaurant that is owned by Plankton. The place is unsuccessful in business.
  • Fancy! - A fancy restaurant that looks like a ship in a bottle.
  • Pizza Castle-a pizza place that Patrick calls in The Bully.

Fan Creations

Major Places

Fan Creations

  • Chum Bucket Lair - An upside down Chum Bucket without the hand. With 3 antennas.
  • House Of IMAGINATION - A house where your imagination comes to life with 100 booths, and nothing harmed!

Closest Cities To Bikini Bottom


  • Bikini Bottomite
  • Kamuvian*
  • Biki

*Kamu is Hawai'ian for Bottom

Ocean Creature Devolopment Index

GDP: $34,250 (very high)

OCDI: 76/100 (medium)

​Bikini Bottom prehistoric life

Primated Eel

Prehistoric sea serpent

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