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Objectionable content includes: Mild sexual innuendo

Bikini Bottom's Next Top Model is a show with girls wanting to be Bikini Bottom's Next Top Model!


Pearl: Oh, my Neptune! This is going to be great!

Sandy: I think I have chances.

Pearl: No, you don't. Because squirrels aren't hot!

Sandy: Why, sure, they are. In fact, you can even say they're sexy hot!

Pearl: Coming from the girl with an air helmet.

Sandy: Shut up! *attacks Pearl*

Lisa: Like, this is going to be awesome!

Christina: Yeah, like totally! I'm so hot! Ooh, are those two girls wrestling or les****s?

Sandy: Oh, my Neptune! I can't believe you just said that! FYI, I dated a really handsome sponge...yes, a boy. (blushes)

Tyra Banks: You're all lucky I wear an underwater suit with an air helmet.

Pearl: That looks ugly too.

Eva: Shut up. I'm hot. You almost tried to remove me from the episode.

The Girl With Heart Underwear

Pearl: Oh, my Neptune! Look what I found in Sandy's drawers!

(Pearl holds up heart underwear, girls giggle)

Pearl: She still sexy hot?

Lisa: No way.

Christina: Not even close.

Eva: She wasn't even sexy hot in the first place.

Tyra Banks: Time for the challenge. Hey, why are Sandy's underwear lying around?

Pearl: Oh, crap. I guess I'll tell the truth after the challenge.

Tyra Banks: Be sexy. Be inspired.

Eva: That's already hard for you.

Tyra Banks: Excuse me?

Tyra Banks: Pearl, you blackmailed Sandy. As for your punishment, suspended.

Pearl: Well, Tyra, she shouldn't keep her underwear lying around.

Tyra Banks: You mean by lying around, an organized drawer.

Pearl: Why doesn't she just put on a lock?

Tyra Banks: It's not that easy, ya know?

Pearl: Whatever, freak.

Tyra Banks: What was that?!

Pearl: I said whatever, freak.

Tyra Banks: Pearl! You get back here!

Pearl: NO.

Tyra Banks: Pearl, you get your butt over here. I can't believe you! Now, I want to to apologize to Sandy. Then me!

Pearl: You ain't the boss.

Tyra Banks: You wanna know how easy I can call the cops for harassment?

Pearl: You wanna know how much I don't give a crap?

(Tyra calls the police, followed by the cops arresting Pearl)

Pearl: This ain't over! I will be the next model! Get your freaking hands off me! NOW! And Sandy, you ain't sexy hot!

Sandy: I know you aren't. Good night, everybody!

The Girl Who Over Exposes Everyone

Lisa: Nope, nope. Get out of my room. (takes shirt and bra off, causing everyone to gasp)

Sandy: Lisa just got mad, and...we saw her...

Tyra Banks: Your boobs are for that top, Lisa. Not over exposing.

The Girl Who Hates Tyra More Then Pearl

Eva: I hate Tyra!

Tyra Banks: No, you do not.

Eva: Yes, I do! I HATE YOU!

The Girl Who Ends This Spin-Off

Christina: Bring it on.

Sandy: Gladly.

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