This is a new spin-off directed by Stephen Burg. SpongeBob becomes an explorer and his friends are always victims of his enemys' plans!

Season 1

Bikini Bottom Bob & The Kingdom of the Crystal Patty

SpongeBob wants to see if the crystal patty is real, or just a myth.

Bikini Bottom Bob & The Last Clarinet

Squidward's clarinet is broken, so SpongeBob sets off to find it.

Bikini Bottom Bob & Rock Bottom

SpongeBob gets banished to Rock Bottom by Plankton (in disguise as The Mayor) so his friends try to save him.

Bikini Bottom Bob & Rock Bottom Bob

SpongeBob journeys back to Rock Bottom and meets his new enemy: Rock Bottom Bob.


  • There will be 12 episodes per season. Season 2 will have less because another show needed to air.
  • Every other season, the're will be a Christmas special starting with Season 2.

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