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Bikini Bottom TV is a channel aimed at teens and young adults.


"Sponged Together" Normally on at 3pm

SpongeBob: The Uncut Treasure On at 10pm

Warriors of Bikini Bottom Normally on at 7pm

SpongeBob's Island Normally on at 5pm

SpongeBob's Diary Normally on at 6pm

IJLSA Adventures On at 1pm

Welcome to Sea Paradise! On at 2pm

SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures Normally on at 4pm

SpongeBob's Movies On at 8pm

Mr. SquarePants Normally on at 9pm

When Sponges Go Bad Normally on at either 11pm or midnight.

Bikini Bottom News - Often on at midnight or 6pm, so SpongeBob's Diary comes on quite rarely.

Sometimes shows are skipped over for movies.

Bikini Bottom TV Junior

This block airs from 9am to 12pm Saturday mornings. These shows air:

Fish and Others 9am

Welcome to Sea Paradise! (edited) 9:30am

The Patrick Star Show 10:00am

Sailor Mouth 10:30am

Sponge's Atlantis 11:00am

Warriors of Bikini Bottom (edited) 11:30am

SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures (edited) 12:00pm


This channel is normally the first in Bikini Bottom to show a tornado warning.

It can show W- and W shows at any time, it can show WX shows at 1:00pm, WXY shows at 5:00pm, WX2 shows at 9:00pm and Z shows at 11:00pm.

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