Bikini North is the northern city of Bikini Bottom, located convieniently near Bikini Southern Straits. There, Eris The Fish was born.


The Ancient Founding

In 1876, during the Bikini Ages of Conspirancy, seven leaders from the Ovar Sea Group wanted to escape poverty of that of Bikini Bottom. The leader, Yak Macriche, while walking to the Bikini Southern Straits later found a plot of land. It seemed as it, well, strange. North in the south? How cool. Anyway, they rested on the plot of land and built a tent there. They also made fire in the sea, which broke the forth wall instantly. It gone out later.

Because of the tiredness, they rested there forever. When Bikini Bottom regained it's economy, the authorities noticed something. A few citizens dissapeared. A rescue team was sent out. They were divided into Karan, Bluz and Rescue Team 3. After 3 days, Karan was so tired that they rested on the same plot of land where Ovar Sea Group landed. There, he found the group.

Question: How did they obtain food?

Now, the Ovar Sea Group ate Kelp from the nearby bushes, which grew into a kelp forest now known as Bikini Kelp Forest, the one in which SpongeBob got lost. They also ate Fried Fish laying in the nearby village of Fish Village, Bikini Republic. How cool is that?

The New Steps

Meanwhile, the Bluz and RT3 team were searching for the group. When the Bluz came across a plot of land, Errand, the leader of Karan, waved to the team. The team later rushed over to the camp. Since they have no communications back then, the two teams started shouting for RT3. The last team eventually came, 15 hours later. This marked the start of a new era.

The Mordern Founding

Penguins came to visit their family members there. Others came due to the population of the over-crowded city. They settled and formed the new town. They named it "New Bikini Bottom" at first, but latter switched to "Bikini North" despite being in the south. The fish built the very first structure, the Aura McAhh Ahh City Hall in 1877.

There was also a market, a mini-hospital, a schooling centre, ten houses and the hall, what is now known as Bikini North Town Square.

To Be Continued...


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