Gender Male
Age Unknown. Possibly in his 30's.
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Professional Information
Profession Ex-EVIL Member
SHARP Leader
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance IJLSA Adventures Episode: EVIL Scissorhands

Blade is a villain in IJLSA Adventures. He is a fish with a Balaclava and gold and silver hooks for hands.

Work with EVIL

As of the First Episode of Season 7 of IJLSA Adventures, Blade is a member of EVIL. He works with them up until episode 135, where he forms his own evil group to support EVIL.

Work with SHARP

After leaving EVIL to form his own group to support them, Blade and his friends (Slasher, Hooky and Shredder) form the SHARP (Super Hero Annihilating Rogue Patrol).

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