Bobby's Game is a seven-minute animated short made for Nickelodeon in 2010.

Everything is set in an empty park during autumn. SpongeBob gets ready to playp a game of chess. He moves the first piece, and waits. After realizing he´s the only one in the park, he "becomes" each of the players in turn by moving to the other side of the chessboard, where he changes his personality and either puts on or takes off his glasses and fake mustache to show this change. As the game progresses, it seems as though there are two people playing; at one point, the hands of both "opponents" are in frame. Evil SpongeBob (with the glasses and mustache) soon gains the upper hand over Good SpongeBob (without them), capturing every piece, making it look like an audince game, and Evil SpongeBob using even a canyon to take one except his king and putting him in check. Good SpongeBob sweats and quivers, and then, he gets an idea, he outsmarts Evil SpongeBob by faking a heart attack to distract him and the audience and immeadeatly putting his pieces to Evil SpongeBob´s side, while Evil SpongeBob´s to his´. Finding that now he is the one with only his king left, Evil SpongeBob resigns the game, and starts to brag, banging his head in the table and sobbing. Then, reaching his hand for a Krabby Patty, giving it to Good SpongeBob as the prize. The audience applause, and the announcer declares the winner. Good SpongeBob grabs the Krabby Patty and eats it, while chuckling and grining, and the camera pulls back t revealing that there is only one SpongeBob, and that he´s not in public.


This short is a parody of the 1997 Pixar short film, Geri´s Game. The soundtrack music is changed during it, but still trademarked in some scenes. The name was originally planned to be called "Bobby´s Game" but was putted erroneously as "Bobby´s name".

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