Airdate: October 30, 2004


SpongeBob and Patrick are buying scary costumes for Halloween. Patrick buys a sheet and SpongeBob is having a hard time choosing. Patrick recommends he buys a burglar suit but it doesn't fit him. He tries all of the suits but none are the perfect match. The shopkeeper gives him the last suit which costs $2000 so SpongeBob has to sell everything he has and Squidward's house to get it. He tries the suit on and it is the perfect fit! Later, SpongeBob goes to Patrick's rock, where he finds Patrick wearing a sheet over his head. When he takes the sheet off, Patrick sees SpongeBob's scary costume and rushes to the shop to buy a night-light. SpongeBob tells Patrick it was him in the costume all along, but Patrick buys another night-light. A few night-lights later, Patrick volunteers to go to the Halloween party with him. At the party, everyone runs away because of SpongeBob's costume. After that, SpongeBob and Patrick have the party all to themselves, eat all the food, steal the party bags and pop the balloons. Then, Patrick throws a pie bomb on the ceiling, causing the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket to blow up. When everyone comes back, they scream at SpongeBob for ruining the party. Squidward tells him to get out and Mr. Krabs finds out his money is burnt. SpongeBob bursts into tears but Patrick says that he has his very own Halloween party at his rock that nobody went to and he whispers that he needs 387 more night-lights, then runs away from SpongeBob. At Patrick's rock, everyone runs away because of SpongeBob again. As the screen fades to black, SpongeBob says "Now I can ruin this party all by myself!" but Patrick's rock runs away from him, screaming.


APM Music Identification

House of Horror- "MY EYES!" "My Leg!"

Fun in the Sun- SpongeBob is trying on his costumes.