Bored is the first episode of SpongeBob and SpongeBob


SpongeBob and Patrick were bored to do so he go to Sandy's house And asked Sandy to play.Sandy showed Up SpongeBob his newest invention the Time Machine Then it Shows in the old SpongeBob year.

Then SpongeBob and Patrick go inside the time machine and find themself playing bubble blowing SpongeBob goes to talk to the classic SpongeBob saying "Hi" the classic SpongeBob replies "Hi me?" the classic SpongeBob ask SpongeBob and Patrick where they came from. SpongeBob says they came from the future the classic Patrick then runs into the time machine all of them try to warn Patrick (execpt the new Patrick) but he already go in as the rest of the gang come in to Sandy 's treedome (with helmet of course) the new SpongeBob shows the classic gang the new Bikini Bottom they play each others untill night.


  • This is the Pilot episode of SpongeBob and SpongeBob
  • When Classic SpongeBob and Patrick play bubble Classic SpongeBob's Tie is black

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