Brawnz BargainBottom
Gender Male
Job male
Age 20
Color Turquoise
Nationality None
Hometown Bikini Botttom
Born July 5 , 1988
Created August 20,2009
Professional Information
Profession Driving
Major None
Signature Brawnz
Friends and Family
Parents Huford BargainBottom and Mary BargainBottom
Creator SuperSaiyanKirby
Stepparents Herb


Grandparents None
Pet(s) Canny the Snail
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Model Sponge
Last Appearence The Endless Summer
Voiced by Bill.F's Cousin

Brawnz is Pearl's new boyfriend in the fanfiction stories. He is only The Turquoise star

He might be related to a candidate for cheepest crab in Kracked Krabs,Huford Bargainbottom


  • Model Sponge(debut)
  • Boating Smarts
  • The Endless Summer

Games he appeared in

  • The Curse Of Bikini Bottom
  • Brawnz : Back To Patrick

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