season 2

Everyone likes season 1 especially Squidhog and Captain magma vs Captain Calamity.

16. 50's Magma-Squidward goes back in time and his costume look black.

17. Squidward the Hidden Scroll - Plankton will get the 2 scrolls but he failed on the first one.

18. Squidward the Hidden Scroll 2 - Captain Calamity and Plankton freezes all squids in SquidCity so he and Sponato Tentacles must stop them.

19. Bonjour, Captain Magma- Captain Magma goes to France (Bikini Bottom) and learns to speak french.

20. End of Bikini Bottom - A SpongeBob version of 2012.

21. A Poor Squid's Dream - Squidward dreams that his clarinet carrier is success.

22. The Mob - An angry mob run up Captain Magma for not saving SquidCity.

23. Squidward: Life in Jail - Squidward is arrested for using the power within (sequel to the power within)

24. Squids vs Planktons - Plankton starts a war with his species and squids.

25. The return of the S.Q.U.I.D. - Squidward's allies go back for him.

26.Plankton's law - Plankton change the law of Squids to Plankton's laws.

27.Wow! - Squidward shows his new car that is very Wow!

28. Logs - Squidward creates his own fort made of log.

29.Baby Fever - Plankton sprays Captain Magma with Baby Fever spray.

30. Captain Magma: the Movie! - Captain Magma creates his own movie.

but X-rated.

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