31.whatever happened to captain magma?-no one thanks capotain magma so he thinks he have to go but he suffers an amnesia and landed to tentacle acres and fight the anti-bike boys. that a pet?-planton creates a hypnopet and hypnotize squidward.

33.squid in the wall-squidward creates his own way of hole in the wall.squid in the wall

34.rock,paper squid-squidward his own way of rock paper scissors rock paper squid

35.rock paper Plankton-Plankton bets squidward to a rock,paper,scissors.

36.squidward v.s. squilliam:a bowling episode-squidward challenges squillianm to a bowling.

37.blindfolded hero-captain magma decided to save squidcity,in a blindfold?

38.captain magma jingle-squidward makes his own commercial.

39.captain magma the movie 2:robots to Plankton-landon create some robots to work for Plankton. more heroes-the IJLSA is roadkilled so he must save the day.

41.the kruaty church-mr.Krabs create a Krusty Krab church.

42. jingle to Plankton-Plankton absorbs captain magma's power so squidward must save the day without powers.

43.squidward b.c.-squidward goes back in time and change SpongeBob b.c. to squidward b.c.

44.gladiator squidward-squidward goes to rome and become a gladiator.

45.captain magma's games-squidward invents full with information,videos,games and other

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