46.captain magma's death!-captain magma falls from a cliff.

47.captain magma strikes again!-squidward is happy that captain calamity tought he's dead so he use this time to attack him.

48.shark bait-Plankton uses captain magma to be a shark bait.

49.firey friend-captain magma's number 1 fan becomes his sidekick.

50.flaming fishskins-captain calamity creates his owm side kick called flaming fishskins.

51.bubble sneak-dirty bubble becomes sneaky like the sneaky hetrmi. magma-captain magma is training to defeat the mob monsters.,no gain-Plankton summons robbers to stole, the jewels at the Bikini Bottom bank.

54.fantastic christmas-Plankton ruins christmas so captain magma must stop him.

55.will you marry me?-squidward and martha is married?

56.the baby-matha and squidward had a baby but he brought too much trouble at squidcity causins mass hysteria. rampage-squidward overcooked a pizza and turned into pizza monster.

58.captain magma goes camping-captain magma's real camping day(sequel to camping magma.

59.diapers-Plankton hypnoitzes babies to throw diapers at squidward.

60.outdoor vacation-villains stop attacking so squidward take a vacation

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