61.captain magma's impostor-captain calamity disguises as captaian magma.

62.squidward tentacles vs the big one-squidward goes back in time and change SpongeBob into squidward vs the big one.

63.IJLSA v.s. Captain Magma-Plankton hypnotizes IJLSA.

64.JOURNEY to the center of SQUIDWARD-squidward spread h1n1 virus so SpongeBob and Patrick must go inside squidward's body to remove the germs.

65.trash BASH-Plankton and Krabs had a trash bash contest about who will find the formula

66.KARATE squid-squidward is trap in karate island so he must defeat udon.

67.THE krusty SQUID-mr.Krabs create another restaurant called the krusty squid.

68.captain Krabs-squidward is sick so mr.kjrabs needs to suit up as captain magma.

69.magma in the wringer-squidward is stuck in his wringer so it's up to ijlsa to save squidcity.

70.funny tentacle-squidward thought he lost his laugh. squidward-squidward is stuck in a cage made of bamboo woods.

72.shooting stars-shooting stars are falling in Bikini Bottom and squidcity so captain magma must save both.

73.1 is better than 2-captain magma thought that only one could save 2 cities but he needs starfishman-

74.starfishman and captain magma- captain magma and starfishman unie.

75.utopian disaster-bikini utopia are in a disaster so captain magma must save bikini utopia

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