Captured Soap
Season 12
Airdate April 1, 2012
Production company 91a
Written by Sean Charmatz
Aaron Springer
Logan Dormnce
Storyboard artist(s) Sean Charmatz
Logan Dormnce
Storyboard directed by Aaron Springer
Creative director(s) Vincent Waller
Animation director(s) Tom Yasumi
Supervising producer Paul Tibbitt

Captured Soap is an upcoming episode from season 12.


  • SpongeBob
  • Patrick
  • Squidward
  • Bikini Bottomites
    • Officer Nancy
    • Nancy Suzy Fish
    • Fred
    • Tom
    • Sally
    • Larry


SpongeBob and Patrick want to play with Squidward, but of course, Squidward refuses. SpongeBob and Patrick spy on Squidward and catch the eye of his television. SpongeBob and Patrick hear weird noises, knowing it's a soap opera. To have some fun, they open up Squidward's window, without him knowing, to hear the sound to mimic. They do this for a little while, and when the commercials are on-screen, Squidward notices SpongeBob and Patrick are copying his soap opera. He closes his window shut, but they keep on going with their own scripts. Soon, Bikini Bottomites arrive, with more and more each second until there's too much noise Squidward can contain. He opens his window to see SpongeBob and Patrick still doing their idiotic antics on their own with a big crowd of fish cheering and laughing. Squidward, jealous, calls the police, but when they arrive they're no help. In fact, they call in the television station to watch it. Squidward even more angry, tired and jealous steps outside to play his clarinet, which gets cricket noises from the crowd. After various and many attempts, Squidward gives up. Soon the television station offers a contract for them to be on their network, but the deal is only if Squidward has a part too. And, of course, it's nothing special.


  • In one shot, SpongeBob's shoe is untied due to him waking up right in the morning, but then it's tied, but then another screen it's untied again.
  • This episode won a Pluto Award