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Cartoon City Has A Wiki!

Its Still In Progress.So Its Not That Great.


People from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney and other networks with cartoons move to Cartoon City and move in to a hotel called Hotel Cartoon that's with over 10000 rooms and with an enormous size!

Rooms of the characters 1-50

Room 1- Chowder

Room 2- Flapjack

Room 3- Grim Reaper

Room 5- Snap (From ChalkZone)

Room 6- Jimmy Two-Shoes

Room 7-Beezy of Jimmy Two-Shoes

Room 8- Yin

Room 9- Skipper and Rico (Rico is in his room because Skipper thinks that he might blow up his room)

Room 10- Kowalski

Room 11- Yang

Room 12- Master Yo

Room 13-Private

Room 14- King Julien

Room 15- Timmy Turner

Room 17-Sandy

Room 18-SpongeBob

Room 19-Patrick and Lunr (his robot)

Rooms of the characters Rooms 50-100

Room 90- Plankton

Room 70- Mr. Krabs

Room 57- Lucuis of Jimmy Two-Shoes

Room 99-Mermaidman

Room 72- Doctor Blowhole

Room 81-Mordecai of Regular Show

Room 82-Rigby of Regular Show

Room 67-Squidward

Room 98- A.J of The Fairly Oddparents

Room 99-Blastus of Robotomy

Room 86-Thrasher of Robotomy

Rooms of the chracters Rooms 100-150

Room 100- Mung Daal of Chowder

Room 101- Shnitzel of Chowder

Room 102- Billy of The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

Room 115-Barnacleboy

Room 143-Fanboy

Room 128-Chum Chum

Room 132-Bessie of Mighty B

Room 121-Milo of Fish Hooks

Room 122-Bea of Fish Hooks

Room 123-Oscar of Fish Hooks

Room 124-Jimmy Neutron

Room 103- Danny Phantom

Rooms of the chracters Rooms 150-200/ Game Characters

Room 150- Lex The Bookworm of Bookworm Adventures

Room 151- Codex of Bookworm Adventures

Room 178-Mario

Room 189-Sonic

Room 165-Crash Bandicoot

Room 168-Kirby

Room 198-King DeDeDe

Room 162: Rabbids

Room 173 Boggy B

Rooms of the characters Room 200-250

Room 222-Sheen

Room 238-Emporor

Room 246-Dorkus

Room 237-Oom

Room 208-Dudley Puppy

Room 211-Kitty Katswell

Room 243-Cheif

Room 228-Kesquick

Room 236-Toad

Room 201-Benson

Rooms of The Characters Rooms 250-300

Room 251- Captain Knuckles of Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Room 269-Poppy Puff

Room 259-Bob

'Room '262-Patty

Room 299-Yoshi

Room 298-Toadette

Room 278-Pac-Man

Room 263-Goomba

Rooms of The Characters Rooms 300-350

Candace Flynn

Major Monogram

Carl The Intern


Uncle Sherm




Rooms Of The Characters Roons 350-400/ Agents

Room 350-Agent Pinky

Room 351-Admiral Wanda Aconym

Room 352-Agent H (Harry The Hedgehog)

Room 353-Agent E



Roon 357- Agent Finberly

Rooms of the characters Rooms 400-450/ Villans














Rooms Of The Characters Rooms 450-500

Room 450-Commander ApeTrully

Room 451-Woo The Wise

Room 452-Mr. No Hands

Room 453-Jumpy Ghostface (A.K.A Rabbit King)

Room 454-Lin Chung

Room 455-Mighty Ray

Room 456-Creeper

Room 457-Darwin Watterson

Room 458-Taco-man the game master

Room 459-Toco-man

Room 460-Winnie the pooh

Room 461-Mr. Tickle

Rooms of the characters rooms 500-550

Room 508-Barney the purple dinosaur

Room 506-Piglet

Room 503-Fluttershy

Room 513-Derpy Hooves

Room 519-Applejack

Room 544-AlFred E. Newman

Room 524-Ptooie

Room 550:Roba

Room 549:Horace

Room 548:Alfe

Room 515-Bugs Bunny

Room 516-Daffy Duck

Rooms of the characters Rooms 550-600/ Funny Live Action Cartoons, and Cartoons.

Room 551-Annoying Orange

Room 552-Pear

Room 553-Passion Fruit

Room 554-Grapefruit

Room 555-Dagget Doofus Beaver

Room 556-Norbert Foster Beaver

Room 557-Gumball Watterson

Room 558-Tom (Van Beuren)

Room 559-Jerry (Van Beuren)

Room 560-Dave the barbarian

Room 561-Maggie Pesky

Room 562-Pogoriki

Room 563-Chikoriki

Room 564-Rosariki

Room 565-Wolliriki

Room 566-Olgariki

Room 567-Bigoriki

Room 568-Ottoriki, and Roboriki

Room 569-Docoriki

Room 570-Boboriki

Room 571-Tigress (Smeshariki)

Room 572- Tigress (Kung Fu Panda)

Room 573- Po (Kung Fu Panda)

Rooms of the characters Rooms 601-650

Room 601: Bloo

Room 602: Mac

Room 603: Mason Pig

Room 604: Richard Pig

Room 605: Sandy Pig

Room 606: Bunny Maloney

Room 607: Candy Maloney

Room 608: Robot and Monster (They both like each other, and they like to be in the same room because Robot may blow up another room)

Room 609: Erky

Room 610: Perky

Room 611: Mr. Bilk

Room 612: Waffle

Room 613: Gordon

Room 614: Robot Jones

Room 615: I.M Weasel

Room 616: I.R Baboon


The Fish-Cast of "SpongeBob" and "Fish Hooks


Characters Coming Soon




Kick buttowski

Brad buttowski

Brianna buttowski


Oscar Buttowski

Yogi Bear








Other Things

Hockey Month

DVD Collection

Cartoon City Hall Of Fame

Epsiodes/ Season 1

Episode Name Plot
Pilot (Cartoon City) People of Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon move in Cartoon City.
When Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Meet Cartoon Characters from the three networks meet up with other ones.
Woo Foo Power Yin and Yang show their moves.
Plankton!!! They find out that Plankton lives in Room 90
Dumb and Cool When Patrick joins with Beezy they go on a destructive and weird craze! can SpongeBob and Jimmy-Two Shoes stop them?
The Return Of The Restaurants Plankton and Mr. Krabs move their restaurants to Cartoon City.
Cooking Class @ The Hotel Everyone goes to a culinary class held in the hotel, can they cook well?
Recipe For Disaster Patrick's curry has gone wild!
The Big Cook Off! A cook off has started! Will anyone win?
Operation: Pack Up, And Move Out! The Penguins move to the hotel!
Drivin' Inland Ms. Puff builds her Driving School in Cartoon City! (She dosen't moves into the hotel during the episode)
Cartoon City 3000 (1 hour special) All people at the hotel join The Cartoon City 3000.
Gary Goes! Gary is here! But Beezy thinks that Gary is food! Will Gary get eaten?
Plankton and Mr. Krabs Friends!? Plankton and Mr. Krabs are friends now. Will they be seriously friends?
The Return Of Chez Platypus The Ryan Searcast- like man from the episode Chez Platypus hires employees and the guys from the hotel are right for the job!
New @ The Krusty Krab Since Krabby Patties are not popular in Cartoon City, Mr. Krabs hires people who entered cooking classes.
New @ The Cum Bucket Plankton hires people!
The Woo Foo Crew! Yang joins in at The Krusty Krab
The Woo Foo Crew 2 Yin joins in at The Krusty Krab!
Regular Episode Mordecai and Rigby move into Cartoon City
Karate Teacher Sandy becomes a karate teacher.But when Rico joins,he hits everything in site!Can anyone stop him?
Regular Crew Rigby joins the Krusty Krab.But the trouble starts when Mr. Krabs finds out he wants it for the money!
A.J Joins! A.J of The Fairly Oddparents goes here!
New Toons Fanboy,Chum Chum,and bessie higgwnbottom join cartoon city!
The Great Party! SpongeBob starts a big party and evryone joins!But things go crazy,and SpongeBobs responsible for it!Can SpongeBob stop it?
Dancer The guys start a dance show

Regular Moneymaker

Rigby wants more money so he contacts everyone for odd jobs
Roboto Thrasher and Blastus join Cartoon City
The Penguins of Cartoon City The penguins start being secret agents again
Gary vs Boggy B Gary meets Boggy B.
Rival Hotel

SpongeBob,Patrick, Squidward,Mr.Krabs, Milo,Bea,and Oscar(The Fish)build Underwater Hotel


Since Hotel Cartoon is being renovated,everyone has to go to Underwater Hotel

Done Everyone but the fish go back to Hotel Cartoon
Lunr Comes Patrick builds his latest invention,Lunr.
Under Water Gone Underwater Hotel shut down
Video Gamez Competition Everyone starts a video game competition!Who will win?

Seirious Season Finale (1 hout special)

The guys get into a BIG fight!

Season 2

Episode Name Plot
HOCKEY MONTH! Everyone wants to join The Hockey League!
Hockey Month: Day 1 Lex The Bookworm joins!
Gary The Snail! Gary joins O.W.C.A (Orginization Without a Cool Name)!
Hockey Month: Day 2 Everyone will need to raise money to buy iceskates. Will they get some!
King Of The Words! Lex and Patrick are battling at a spelling bee held at the hotel, who will win?
2 On The Floor Lex and Codex are getting tired of being the on people in the floors 150-200 so they get mario and sonic to join!
Allowed! Mario and Sonic are allowed at Hotel Cartoon(Fact:Mario and Sonic both had a TV cartoon)
New Toons Too The crew from T.U.F.F. puppy and Planet Sheen move in.
I Need Water! Since the fish's rooms sprung a leak(there rooms are filled with water)and the water suits are busted,they need water to survive!
New Toons 3 Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom join in!
Hockey Month: Day 3 Everyone except T.U.F.F Puppy prepare their teams!
Hockey Month: Day 4 Skipper breaks his leg!
I want that V.I.P. Pass! The guys find out theres a VIP pass for only one of them and they have to fight for it.Who will be the last one standing?
Get ready to DDR!Part 1 The guys start a Dance Dance Revolution(DDR) competition in the hotel!
Get ready to DDR!Part 2 The guys get REAL crazy and soon things go wrong!

Get ready to DDR!Part 3

The Final round og the competition!Who will win in the finale!
Hockey Month: Day 5 Everyone in the hotel prepares for the match-ups
Hockey Month: Day 6 Since Skipper broke his leg, some evil doctors are the doctors they're trying to kill him. Can SpongeBob and Sandy save the real doctors and save Skipper!
Hockey Month: Day 7 Finn and Jake of Adventure Time With Finn and Jake go to Hotel Cartoon! And Knuckles from The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack go here too!
The Return Of The Whelks The Whelks from Whelk Attack attacks Cartoon City!
Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy IV: The Return Of Barnacle Boy Mermaid Man misses Barnacle Boy So it's up to SpongeBob to find him!
A Flea In Her Dome II Sandy has a flea again and it is spreading throughout Hotel Cartoon!
Fancy! The Fancy! building needs more supplies so everyone in Hotel Cartoon raise money!
Ms. Puff's Hotel Ms. Puff moves in!
Doggy Treat Trouble Dudley Puppy gets addicted to Doggy Treats! Can SpongeBob, Flapjack and Timmy Turner get rid of his addiction!
Recipe Of Complete Doom! Another food monster! Uh Oh!
SpongeBob RadioPants Mr. Krabs makes a radio station so to make customers happy but it turns to a robot and it eats Patrick! (Actually the robot is using Patrick as a weapon) So its up to SpongeBob to save the day!
SpongeBob CirclePants SpongeBob is reshaped into a circle! Can Sandy get the antidult!?
Bob-Patty Day Bob and Patty move in! And SpongeBob is sick! Can Bob and Patty save him? (Since they became doctors)
Armful Pain SpongeBob breaks his leg!
Frozen Deserts Fanboy gets frozen!
Diet Krusty Krab The Flibber Flabber is on the menu!
Hi Panini Panini moves in and Chowder freaks out!
You Tube The Pepole Use You Tube in the Hotel!
Get That Newswriter! A newswriter writes about everyone's privacy!
Frosty Mart! The Frosty Mart is open!
Importation! The Frosty Freezy Freeze is available at Chez Platypus, Chum Bucket and the Krusty Krab!

Season 3

Episode Name Plot
1st Hockey Tournament The Begining!
Hockey Battle 1 Team Science Vs Team Nicktoons
Hockey Battle 2 Team Cookery Vs Team T.U.F.F
Hockey Battle 3 Team Adventure Vs Team Gaming Squad
Hockey Battle 4 Team Awesome Vs Team Regular
Hockey Battle 5 Team Fish Vs The Woo Foo Squad
Hockey Battle 6 Team Agency Vs Team Annoying
2nd Tournament The Exciting Middle Part
Hockey Battle 7 Team Nicktoons VS Team T.U.F.F.
Hockey Battle 8 Team Adventure VS Team Regular
Hockey Battle 9 Team Fish VS Team Agency

3rd Tournament

The End of Hockey
Hockey Battle 10

Team T.U.F.F. VS Team Regular

Hockey Battle 11 Team Regular VS Team Fish
The Hockey Champion! Team Regular Wins!
Room 202 Everyone fights over the best room in Hotel Cartoon:Room 202.
Attraction The guys build Cartoon Citys attraction:The Cartoon Wall of Fame
Time To Putt It! The gang enter a golf competition, can anyone win?
TV They join with a company for TV shows!
SpongeBob Goes To Hollywood Arts Everyone goes to Hollywood Arts!
Accident Proned! The guys have a friend but his mom dosen't want to since she thinks that if he touches something he'll go badly hurt! The cast might need to do somthing about it.
Cartoon City Hall Of Fame! (Sequel to Attraction)
Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour 4 (1 hour special) Crocker and Calamitous are back!
Old School Cartoons from many years ago are back!
O.W.C.A Orginazation Without A Cool Acronym members are back!
Best Of The Best It takes real challenge to get on the Hall of Fame.This time Cartoon Network people come.Who will win?
CN VS N VS D Part 1 CN,Nick,and Disney set up a war!Who will win?
CN VS N VS D Part 2 Disney Lost!Up to Cn and Nick now!
CN VS N VS D Part 3 Cartoon Network Win!
CopyCat SpongeBob copys everyone Cartoon City!
Cartoon Band The Characters from rooms 100-150 start a band
Gig 1 Cartoon Band goes to The Krusty Krab
Acting!!! Bea(From Fish Hooks)trys to start a play but no one wants to join.
Gig 2 Cartoon Band goes to Chez Platapus
Food Fight! (TV Movie and Season Finale) Everyone fights for supremacy!

Season 4

Episode Name Plot
The Drive Thru Mr. Krabs builds a drive thru!
Kyle The Congurer Kyle of Fanboy and Chum Chum moves in!
The Foodapult Chowder builds a catapult!
New Cartoons 3 The rest of the characters of Phineas and Ferb and SpongeBob SquarePants move in!
Kid vs Kat vs Kick vs Brad Coop,Kat,Kick and Brad Start Fighting It's up to everybody to stop them from fighting
Jeremy's Earworm Jeremy starts getting addicted to SpongeBob's favorite song Musical Doodle
The Stunt of All Stunts Kick And Coop Go in A Contest To See Who Is Best Skateboarder
The Agency It is a meeting indeed for T.U.F.F, O.W.C.A and POM!
Bigger Green The cast of Hero: 108 moves in!
Mission 1

This is the agency's first mission

A Rip In Time Trilogy (TV Movie) There's a rip in time!
IJLSA Exposed! SpongeBob and friends exposed?
Space Adventure (Special) Everyone is going to space!
KIck Him! Kick is going for the awesomest trick ever!
Bamboo Quest Lin Chong needs bamboo!
The Cast Everyone watches the show Hero: 108!
Spirits Arise Spirits arise (Obviously)
Gig 3 The Band goes to the Hotel Cartoon party room!
Christmas Day its Christmas in Cartoon City!
What does it take?

The Cartoon City Hall Of Fame is opening a new spot!This time,its Cartoon Network VS Nick with cast of SpongeBob and Adventure Time and Regular Show going for the spot.

Copycat 2 Now its Jake copying everyone!
And There Were More Ben K. Tennyson moves in!
Cartoon 500 The guys at Cartoon City have a race!
Cartoon Olympic Games!!(TV Movie) The guys have the Cartoon Olymic Games!(COG for short)!The events at COG include track running(Sonic dosn't count.Remember,he's in this show!)Sword Throwing,Ice Skating(I know thats in the Winter Games,but come on,its Olympic Games anyway)and MANY more!Whoever wins get the Gold Mark on the Cartoon City Hall Of Fame!
Clones! Jimmy's evil clone attacks with robots!
Doofenshmirtz Building In The Water! (Obvious Plot)
Speed Up Ben and The Road Runner challenge themselves on a race.
The (Overprotective) Penguins of Cartoon City The Penguins have an agency,but everything goes wrong when they overprotect everyone.
Cartoon Underground The Fish are depressed that Underwater Hotel closed down(because of city flood,who knew?),they build a new hotel called Underground Hotel
The Underground Choronicles Part I The guys have a big dillemma building Underground Hotel
The Underground Choronicles Part II The hotel starts to leak because the underground is filled with water.

The Underground Choronicles Part III

SpongeBob starts to get sick because the hotel's in the sewer(i wonder how that works)so they abandon the hotel.
The Famed Cartoon City has another Hall of Fame Contest again.This time the cast of Phineas and Ferb,FlapJack,and because they won last time,Regular Show
Regular Dollars After a long time of odd jobs(see the episode "Regular Moneymaker" in Season 1)Rigby has $500.
Regular Products Mordecai and Rigby decide what to buy with $500
The REAL christmas When someone checks the calendar they notice that the Christmas they had was not the correct day.Now everyone gets MAD AS HECK!
Gig 4 The band goes to other cities!
ITS TIME! Everyone gets prepared for SEASON 5!OH YEAH!

Season 5

I decided for 29 episodes.

Episode Plot
Dodgeball Attack The Attack!
The Tryouts It is the tryouts is on!
The Secret Since Lin Chung's great accuracy beats up Pat and Squid, they team up to get him!
Gary VS Perry Perry finds out that Gary now works for Doofenshmirtz!
The Secret Stone Part 1/5 SpongeBob and Patrick are fiddling around in the basement of Hotel Cartoon when they break through the floor.Then they find a secret stone that can grant any wish!
The Secret Stone Part 2/5 SpongeBob and Patrick try to protect the stone.But when Rigby goes down there to go through the garbage down there(he sometimes does that O_O)he tips over a trash can and discovers the stone.
The Secret Stone Part 3/5 When Rigby finds the stone he takes it to his room as fast as he can.When he unlocks the door he finds Phineas and Ferb outside his window builiding a giant robotic arm.Then Ferb takes the stone with his robotic arm and bring it to their room.
The Secret Stone Part 4/5 Phineas trys to find out what the stone does,then,after giving up,he wishes he could figure out what it does.Then a paper appears in front of Phineas saying what it does.Then he rushes out into the hallway into the lobby,goes to the intercom then says he found a stone that can grant any wish!When they hear about,Spongbob,Patrick,and Rigby shout out "NOOO!" then explains its a secret.
The Secret Stone Part 5/5 Now that Phineas announced the stone,everyone comes rushing into the lobby,then Phineas rushes outside.SpongeBob Patrick and Rigby then try to protect the stone.Then Mordecai comes in and takes the stone Rigby thinks its for his own use,but then Rigby thinks wrong when he hears Mordecai wish that this whole thing never happened.Then everything magically turns back to normal,and the only ones remembering are SpongeBob,Patrick,Mordecai,Rigby,Phineas and Ferb.Then the guys agree to never do anything like that again. THE END
Regular Games Mordecai and Rigby figure out what to buy with their $500:Video Games!They buy every game they want,then they become broke.Then they realized that they missed 1 more game.But,like i said,they're broke.But its the most important on the list!What can they do?Will they get it?
Dr. Blowhole's Revenge Part 1/6 When Perry falls in another sandpaper factory, He can only send support!
Dr. Blowhole's Revenge Part 2/6 Looks like his rash is gone!
Dr. Blowhole's Revenge Part 3/6 No Johnny! Don't do it! (well, sort of)
Doctor Blowhole's Revenge Part 4/6
Dr. Blowhole's Revenge Part 5/6
Dr. Blowhole's Revenge Part 6/6
Cartoonish Snow Snow starts.
I don't care Squidward dumps Christmas! (Read More)
Ben 10 Rules! (Read More)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Pokemon Catcher When Ash Ketchum joins the crew they catch Pokemon!
Poof's Birthday! (part 1) The guys prepare the perfect birthday.



(part 2)

The cartoons make a baby cake for Poof.
Gogo Cartoony The Rikis go to Hotel Cartoon.
Round Krab Pogoriki, Chikoriki, Wolliriki, and Rosariki get hired by Mr. Krabs to work at the Krusty Krab but, weird things happen.
Everybody Go To Room 564 The cartoons go to Rosariki's Room because, they want to sleep with her. But, what happens when she wants them out?
Avalanche! An avalanche crashes on Hotel Cartoon, and the cartoons must plow it out.
Season 6: Be Prepared Everybody waits for the mailman to give a Season 6 Ticket.

Season 6

  1. The Most Horrible Halloween Ever Part 1: Zim is up to his doomy plans again. This time, he is taking over Halloween. His plan is to steal all treats, and take over Hotel Cartoon.
  2. The Most Horrible Halloween Ever Part 2: After hearing about the plan, Mordecai, Rigby, Pogoriki, Bloo, SpongeBob, Patrick, Beezy, Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, Private, and Perry the Platypus must stop Zim.
  3. Rabbit, Bluejay, and Raccoon: Bunny Maloney joins with Mordecai and Rigby after Bunny lost all of his fans. But, what happens if Candy is mad at him.
  4. Rigby In The Trashcan: Rigby gets inside a trashcan and the other toons laugh at him. Then, he chases them.
  5. Sleepy Now: Flapjack is oversleeping in a deep sleep so, Dudley Puppy, and Gumball Watterson must wake him up.
  6. Veggie Monster: Gordon eats broccoli and turns into a monster so, the toons must stop him.
  7. TENNIS MONTH: After the hocky league, the toons go to a Tennis League
  8. Robotical Science: Sandy, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mordecai, Rigby, and Monster are working on a project and need Robot for it (as the test dummy).
  9. Bacon's Pizza Hog: Bloaty's Pizza Hog is open and the Toons are delighted. All but Robot and Monster.
  10. Pony Picnic Panic: Milo, SpongeBob, and Patrick find out that pony parasites are on the loose.
  11. Ping Pong Time: Finn and Jake play Ping Pong but, Lex, and Patrick get in the way.
  12. Game Of Invasion: Gumball, Darwin, and Bloo play the Space Invaders-like Game. But, the invaders break loose of the TV.
  13. No Light, No Fright?: When the blackout comes, the toons must find a light source.
  14. Tennis Month: Day 1: The toons practice.
  15. Tennis Month: Day 2: Monster is bad at playing tennis so, Robot invents a machine that can make any bad tennis player good at it.
  16. UNallowed: The Rabbids are not allowed in the Hotel so, they try to get there. After the ruckus, the toons find out that the Rabbids have a show at 2013.
  17. Attack Of The 50 Foot Weasel: I.M Weasel gets into green glop and turns into a giant alien weasel.
  18. Books To Read: Olgariki, and Squidward become readers but, SpongeBob, Patrick, Milo, Beezy, Lex, and Billy (GAOBAM) are ruining it.
  19. Tennis Month: Day 3: Gordon gets in shape because he is too tubby to go play tennis
  20. Cash Crab: Mr. Krabs has so much money that he will never buy something. But, what will happen if Mordecai, Rigby, Chowder, K'Nuckles, and Beezy want it?

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