Scene 1: Phineas's Room


Jimmy Two-Shoes: Say what?

Phineas: Let's spread the word!

Isabella: Watcha' Doin'

Phineas: We're spreading the word.

Isabella: What word?

Phineas: Christmas!

Isabella: Great! We and the Fireside Girls are trying to earn Spreading A Word Badges!!!

Phineas: Hey where's Perry?

Scene 2: Perry's Room

Perry: Yep, here we go. TO THE HQ!

(Perry sliding)

Perry: How long am I going to stay here?

Scene 3: HQ

Skipper: You're late!

Perry: Well someone needs to wax the slide.


Kowalski: It is TRUE.

Dudley: Let's get eskimoes!

Skipper: So, what are your bro's doin'.

Perry: I think the next day they're starting a snowball fight.

Scene 4: Hotel Cartoon: Ground Floor

SpongeBob: Ready the tree!

Ben: Let's push!

(Ben transforms)

Ben: Humungasaur!

Shnitzel: Radda 3x (I want rocks)

(A CD scratches)

Dudley: Um dude, it's that what you want?

Skipper: Let's go boys.

Scene 5: Outside

Perry: Now, where's that carrot.

(Perry smiles)

Snowman: Follow me!

Perry: STOP! (Snowman crashes)

Skipper: Wait how did it get alive?

Kowalski: Well, I think magic is true, but It might have genetic objects.


(All sleep)

Kowalski: Oh come on!

Scene 6: Hotel Cartoon

SpongeBob: Good Job!

Ferb: I recommend snow ain't roadkill.

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