Mailman:Sigh.If the Bull-worms get me again-(Bull-worms chase after him.)AAUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!! I WAS GONNA RETIRE THIS WEEK!!!!!

Mr.Krabs:Gee,what do you know,the mail!Hmm.....Can't read the return adress.(Tears letter.)Maybe this will shedd something."Dear Eugene,it's me! Jon Krabs!Guess what,I've been hired by the SWAT team and decided to teach you how important Cops are.From your Uncle,Jon Krabs."GASP! UNCLE KRABS IS COMING!

SpongeBob:I can't belive you have a uncle,Mr. Krabs.

Mr.Krabs:That's why we must get inside!

(Camera shows The Mailman injured.)

Mailman:My leg!!!!

(Scene cuts with Jon on his way.)

Jon:I bet Eugene will still be same!(Laughs)

More SOON!


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