Daisy Shinding is a fish from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Daisy Shinding
Gender Female
Age 42
Color Green
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Born January 29, 1974
Created Forgotten
Professional Information
Major Yes.
Signature Daisy Shinding
Friends and Family
Parents Janet Shinding(Mother),Martin Shinding (Father)
Creator Marjorine Madelyn-Elizabeth Plankton
Siblings Eugenio Shinding

Bob Shinding Mary Shinding Elizabeth Shinding Ronald Shinding Joseph Shinding Katherine Shinding Heather Shinding Samuel Shinding Walter Shinding Ashley Shinding Caleb Shinding David Shinding Benjamin Shinding Victor Shinding Thomas Shinding Misty Shinding

Spouse(s) Jeff Shinding (Husband)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Captured Soap

Cameos: Piccolo VS. Squilliam,Crazy Fred,Tennis Squidward,Fanboy, Chum Chum, and SpongeBob,Patrick's Diet,The Return of Steve,Shell of a Man 2,No Hat For Nat,The Algae's Always Moar Krabs,Battle of the Bikini Bottomites,Another Best Day Ever

Last Appearence Bathroom Moniter
Voiced by Jill Talley

Daisy Shinding is an Aquamarine fish who wears light purple dress and Orange shoes. Her husband is a wealthy businessman named Jeff Shinding. She is the host of her TV show, Relationships with Daisy.

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