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Doodle Revenge

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3 october 2013
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Doodle Revenge is an  tv movie fan episode from season 11.                                

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it was a good day after 3 magic pencils fall of the sky doodlebob draws him self bobsponge draw him self SpongeBob finally gets the third pencil doodlebob wants the third pencil bobsponge too SpongeBob run's (by other fans it also called doodlebob vs bobsponge vs SpongeBob).  doodlebob's drawings

The evil drawing

doodlebob's evil drawing

doodlebob's drawings

  • Plankton drawings(his army)
  • him self(boss)
  • the evil drawing(his demon) 
  • the instrucktor(his tracker) 

SpongeBob's drawings

  • mr.pen(SpongeBob's pen alive from alive store)
  • starpat(his Patrick drawing)(even bobsponge)
  • mon-e(crated in pen mr.Krabs money drawings)                             

The instrucktor

doodlebob's instrucktor



  • when doodlebob say's walla!! it means "prepare for the instrucktor" is a parody of transformer reveng of the fallen when they say prepare for the devastator
  • this the third time SpongeBob rumors that he is married with Sandy the second was SB-3D and the first was Truth or Square?.
  • when Bobsponge were just using doodlebob he is dark yellow
  • This the most long lines of R.O.C.K.S william (general)
  • When Qlantkton appear he said hey old cousin but Plankton say hey brother it seems like he forggeten what he is
  • The instrucktor looks like the devastator
  • William have powers?????
  • when william gets very mad so he shoots hes laser power it was blue but when the laser chase doodlebob the laser is yellow but the other scene it is blue
  • this is the first time Squilliam fancyson save Squidward but he said you promise me you never ever do that but in other episode squilliam fancyson didni't help Squidward form danger
  • Sandy whas gonna say did you say green pencil but she said did you hear green pencil
  • This episode is like the call of duty:modern warfare 2 gametype "dominaion". In the gametype, players compete to take 3 flags to win a battle.