Doug William Plankton is Plankton's brother and he helps Plankton with evil plans sometimes. He is also helping SpongeBob on the hunt of the Golden Spatula'.


  • His brother Cerdic's name comes off the viking named Cedric who was mispronounced Cerdic many years ago (not fanon)
  • Doug's original wife would be called Margaret, because Donut4's grandmother is called margaret and his mother is named Karen like Plankton's computer. But he changed it to HECTOR to make it funny and made it stand for something like a computer
  • It was hard thinking of what HECTOR can stand for.
  • Doug was furiated when Plankton made an incorporation named S.H.E.
  • Doug's siblings Mickey and Matty originate from the Creator and his best friend. 

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