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Drugs of Doom: A Turn For The Worst
Drugs of Doom A Turn For The Worst12:03

Drugs of Doom A Turn For The Worst

Written by Kelpy G
Directed by Calaz, Kelpy G
Starring Kelpy G, Travis, Calaz
Narrated by Québecois Narrator
Release date November 12, 2016
Language English

French (spoken at specific scenes)

Prequel Drugs of Doom 2: Summer Sequel (2014)
Current status Filming
Drugs of Doom: A Turn For The Worst, also known as Drugs of Doom 3 or simply A Turn For The Worst, is the third installment of the Drugs of Doom movie franchise. It was produced by Oh Ben Benny Benny Boy Productions, and filmed in Minnesota.


The French Narrator and Kelpy G co-narrate a story called "Drugs of Doom: A Turn For The Worst". Travis and Calaz go to Tyce's ("The Medicine Man") new "pharmacy" in California to see that pot has been recently legalized. However, they bought several pounds of it and smoked too much too rapidly, leading Travis to hallucinate and Calaz to faint as well as getting severe amniesia. Because they can't afford to be treated in the Hospital and don't have Obamacare, they go to Québec in Canada to get medicine because British Columbia and Ontario "are filled with idiots", Shehahn and Kelpy. They fail to realize that Québec speaks French and as a result of misinterpretation they get the wrong type of treatment, consuming some weird pills, leading them to be intoxicated again. Kelpy G concludes the story with: "Just say no. It ain't worth the risk".






  • This was the second film released by Oh Ben Benny Benny Boy Productions, the first one being Orange Juice: A True Story, which can be viewed at the SBFW YouTube Channel.

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