main enemy and full name are Ell E. Creature
Gender Male
Age 17
Color grey
Nationality American,china,indian,philipino,
Hometown atlinti city
Born  ?????
Professional Information
Profession Leader of the EEl Team
Signature Ell E. Creature
Friends and Family
Creator Spongefan2
Grandparents King Neptune(bus Must jug)
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Behind the Scenes
First Appearance bus must jug
Voiced by himself

about him

when ell was a child he was a friend of king neptune king neptune found him to keep good ell don't like to touch every fish in the sea king neptune liked ell king neptune promise him for a party ell was happy later some worriors don't like to ell live he tounder them ell thinks king neptune is he's grandfather later 5 weeks there still no party and ell said i am going to kill him is this goodness it feels borring he like electric now he destroys the castle king neptune makes ell an enemy ell disapper 3 years he found 5 ells for him he calls him self the EEl team found a girlfriend for two leaders but later a legendery eelele is a huge size eel and the next year he was 12 he found a best friend he found his own enemy later he was a new enemy he is very strong


the most new team with friends with SpongeBob but ell is the most wanted for reveng now king neptune explanes why but he said whatever being evil is my talent