"Fairly OddPants!" is a spin-off created by Liam O' L. Studios and directed by William Leonard. The first episode aired on February 1, 2010. The setting is about SpongeBob and Friends being able to wish up anything they want. Anyone can join. Trust me. This spin-off is mostly a cass to the Fairly Odd Parents series. - - -


Season 1 12 episodes were ordered for Season 1. - -

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"Fairly OddPants! The Pilot" 1 February, 2010
SpongeBob, Patrick and all their friends find a special crystal, which enables them to wish all they want!

"JellyWishing!" 1 February, 2010
SpongeBob wishes that there will be more jellyfish for him to catch. But the cute little jellies soon start to get quite out of hand and start stinging everyone in Bikini Bottom!

"Christmas Away!" 2 February, 2010
SpongeBob and Patrick wish there was Christmas every day. But soon Plankton comes by and soon tries to hijack Santa's sleigh and ruin SpongeBob's Christmas!

Song: "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" by Lesley Gore

"A Talented Wish" 3 February, 2010
Squidward wishes he was good at the clarinet, and he becomes the greatest clarinet player in the entire ocean! But soon, people start to like him so much, and he becomes so famous, that people are constantly crowding his house for autographs, and Squid can't find the special crystal to un-wish it!!!

"Fat Chance" 3 February, 2010
When Patrick gets beaten up for his size, he turns to the crystal to make him thin. Instead, the crystal turns everyone else fat! Now our now-huge heroes must stop the wish and stop all the weight from crushing Bikini Bottom!

"And Another Wing..." 4 February, 2010
SpongeBob wishes he could fly like the jellyfish, but he flaps to hard that he reaches the surface! Can his friends rescue him before he shrivels up forever?

"Plankton's Plans(One and a Half Hour Special)" 5th February, 2010
Plankton finds the crystal unprotected, and makes a copy of it, this time, evil! He replaces the old crystal with the evil crystal, when SpongeBob comes and wishes that the world will be free of crime! But the evil crystal does the opposite of it's instructions, so now there are tons of thieves stealing everything, including houses! When the friends find themselves homeless, will they ever stop Plankton?

"All You Need Is Hate" 4 February, 2010
SpongeBob wants to make a good impression on Sandy at the Valentine's Day Dance, and the crystal makes sure he has a good outfit. But Sandy wishes the same thing with the bad crystal and ends up leaving Bikini Bottom because of embarrassment. Will SpongeBob ever be able to coax Sandy into returning?

"Road To Royalty" 5 February, 2010
Patrick wishes to be president. However, he wishes with the bad crystal and ends up as a king! Bikini Bottomites hate kings! What Patrick needs to worry about now is how long he has to go before he is ousted from power!

"Too Drool For School" 7 February, 2010
Patrick flunks his science test at star school, so he wishes he was a "Sea-Einstein". However, he gets so clever that he is forced to get shipped to Smarty Bottom, on the other side of Bikini Atoll! SpongeBob is forced to climb over the dangerous atoll, and rescue his friend!

"Just Desserts" 6 February, 2010
A health inspector closes down shops with meat in them(including the Krusty Krab) and turns them into an exaggerated vegetarian's paradise! However, SpongeBob does not like plants and all that, so he wishes for the only other thing----SWEETS!!!

"Interdimensional Inspection!" 10 February, 2010
Plankton wishes with the bad crystal that the world will not be strange, and the world changes into an interdimensional land in a far-away multiverse, where the gravity changes wherever you walk! SpongeBob and friends need to get out!

Season 2

- Along with Season 1, Season 2 was ordered. 10 episodes are expected to air with the first one airing in March.

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"SBG: SpongeBob The Bad Giant!" 17 March, 2010
When Patrick and Sandy are bored, SpongeBob uses the crystal to grow giant! But it also makes him evil...

"Dark Sponge" TBA
SpongeBob becomes bad and Patrick and others must turn him back.

"To be a God or not to be a God" {{{Date}}}
After Triton destroys the town again, SpongeBob is so fed up about him, he wished Triton was rebellious again! But now Triton has to hide from his father, and SpongeBob must unwish this before Triton goes back to the cage. Problem is, the crystal's gone!




  • This is a spin off the classic show The Fairly OddParents

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