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Fred has a main role (not seen role) in these shorts.

Fred (Reg In Jellyfish Hunter)
Gender Male
Gender Programing Janitor at Shady Shoals, Cameraman
Age 45 (in the present)
Color Brown
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Born June 6, 1967
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Billy (step-son)
Debbie Baby Rechid (daughters)
Spouse(s) Billy's Mom (wife)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Arrgh!
Last Appearence The Movie (Only says MY EYES!
Voiced by Tom Kenny (debut)

Paul Tibbit

This page is for Fred Rechid through anyone's continuity!

Fred is a fish in SpongeBob and Billy's Mom husband.

Famous Quote:


"MY EYES!" (SpongeBob Movie and Sun Bleached )      


  • During the 1st season of Livin' in Atlantis, the explosion from the nutomic bomb (that destroyed Bikini Bottom beyond repair) also put Fred in the hospital
  • For this duration his Catchphrase, "MY LEG" was carried over by Duke Toro
  • Fred is a main character in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show in which he is the test dummy which gives him several opportunities to use his famous phrase, "My leg!"
  • He is the co-founder of Fred Rechid Productions, Inc. He even appears in the logo.
  • He is portrayed as being brownish green.
Yum yum food

Fred,Harold and Tom in a People bedroom.


Appearances in fan series

9509013 2

"MY LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

50355 275527295591 2423520 n

"MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Purple Fred Rechid

Fred after Exposure to Purple Pretty Patties

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