This page is for Fred Rechid through anyone's continuity!

Fred is a recurring character in SpongeBob and Sadie's husband. He has a famous running gag of saying "My leg!".

Famous Quotes


"MY EYES!" (SpongeBob Movie and Sun Bleached )      


  • During the 1st season of Livin' in Atlantis, the explosion from the autonomic bomb (that destroyed Bikini Bottom beyond repair) also put Fred in the hospital.
  • For this duration his Catchphrase, "MY LEG" was carried over by Duke Toro.
  • Fred is a main character in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show in which he is the test dummy which gives him several opportunities to use his famous phrase, "My leg!"
  • He is the co-founder of Fred Rechid Productions, Inc. He even appears in the logo.
  • He also appeared in the first movie with his famous phrase "MY EYES!!"
  • He speaks 32 other languages.
  • He is portrayed as being brownish green.


  • Monroe and Tommy - Sons
  • Debbie and Lillie - Daughters
  • Sadie - Wife

Appearances in fan series


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