Gary's Clues is show was created after SpongeBob watched too many Blue's Clues episodes. It was released from 1998 to 2006


SpongeBob is find Gary with Gary clues


  1. Gary's Story Time
  2. What Story Does Gary Want To Play?
  3. Adventures In Art
  4. Gary's Birthday
  5. Gary Wants To Play A Song Game!
  6. What Does Gary Want To Do On A Rainy Day?
  7. Gary's ABC's
  8. Math!
  9. What Experiment Does Gary Want To Try?
  10. What Does Gary Want To Make Out Of Recycled Things?
  11. Gary's Big Treasure Hunt
  12. Gary's News
  13. Gary's Big Pajama Party
  14. What Was Gary's Dream About?
  15. Animal Behaviour!
  16. Nurture!
  17. Snellie Comes Over
  18. What Does Gary Want To Do With Her Picture?
  19. What Did Gary See?
  20. What's That Sound?
  21. Gary's Big Musical Movie
  22. Signs
  23. Geography
  24. Gary's Big Mystery
  25. Mary Misses Her Friend
  26. Cafe Gary
  27. Snack Time
  28. Gary's Big Holiday
  29. A Snowy Day
  30. What's New Gary?
  31. Gary's New Place
  32. Mr. SquarePants And Mrs. SquarePants Day
  33. The Baby's Here
  34. Gary's Surprise At Two O'Clock
  35. What Time Is It For Gary?
  36. Words
  37. Gary's Book Nook
  38. Patrick's First Day
  39. Patrick Gets A Clue
  40. SpongeBob Goes To College
  41. The Big Book About Us
  42. Gary's School
  43. Something To Do Gary
  44. Rhyme Time
  45. Puppets
  46. Gary's Big Band
  47. Bedtime Business
  48. Shape Searchers
  49. Colors Everywhere
  50. Gary Takes You To School
  51. Numbers Everywhere
  52. Gary's First Holiday
  53. Patrick's Surprise Party
  54. The Legend Of The Pink Snail
  55. Love Day
  56. Garystock
  57. Skidoo Adventure
  58. Occupations
  59. Gary Goes To The Doctor
  60. Mechanics
  61. Playing Store
  62. Meet Gary's Baby Brother


  • Patrick appared in Episode 38 and 39. but when SpongeBob going to college, Patrick can replaced SpongeBob.

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