The IJLSA(International Justice League of Super Acquantences) are a team of super heroes.

As of now the team is made up of:

Past Members:

  • Squidlo in Squidlo My Friend
  • Mr. Krabs in Quickster Krabs, Hot Shoulder as The Flamethrower
  • Mrs. Puff in Temporary Acquaintences
  • Flats the Flounder in Temporary Acquaintences
  • The (Original) Elastic Wasteband in Sleep Stretching
  • The (Original) Miss. Appear in Maybe Miss Appear?
  • The (Original) Captain Magma in Captain Calamity
  • Mermaidman in Amnesi-Wha? and The Original Adventures of the IJLSA
  • The (Original) Quickster in The Original Adventures of the IJLSA
  • Plankton aka New Leaf in May the Best Fan Win, left in The Spruce Truce to join ECO


  • The Comissioner (Live-action guy as seen in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V)

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