Im Not Your Friend Buddy!

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Romantic Comedy,Crude Humor,Drama,Music
Created by
Executive Producer
Terrance Henry Plankton-Stoot
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Smetv,Nickelodeon,Comedy Central,Nicktoons,Teen Nick
Original Run
February 3,2011 - present
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No information

This show is based off of the SpongeBob Spin-Off.


Main Characters


Amy makes Rin, Yumi, and Bertha join his band so they can become rich and famous.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26 February 3,2011 2011


  • This season will consist of 26 episodes
  • This season started February 3, 2011

1. Melodrama Female Band Girls - February 3,2011 - Marjorine Madelyn-Elizabeth Plankton

After another Haning attempt of stealing Starbang decides to do something Lillian else. He then decides to make a band. He gets Rin,Yumi and Bertha to join. Now they must practice and make some songs to become Starbang on the music charts.

2. The Melody Song - February 10,2011 - Terrance Henry Plankton-Stoot

Rudy thinks of a song to write for the band. While listening to music, Rudy comes up with a song. She releases it to the public as a demo. He and the other members of Starbang are sued, because it was copied from the song Rudy was listening to. They now have to go to court and hope they are found innoncent.

3. Dreams (Aka: Something to do with love) - February 17,2011 - Marjorine Madelyn-Elizabeth Plankton

Rin's drum broke,so they have to replace a new one.The problem is,it dosn't come in 2 weeks,and he's the most popular band member! At their first gig without him,the band is booed off the stage! Then Rin remembered Rin drum set from the end of the episode "The Fish Coon",used it,and it worked!

4. Trouble Expectations - February 24,2011 - Marjorine Madelyn-Elizabeth Plankton

A record lable heard the demo Starbang produced and want's them to be apart of their music group.


A Very Special Love by: Rebecca Peterson [1]

I'm Missing you by: Rebecca Peterson [2]

I'll Always Love You by: Pearl Krabs [3]

Wind Probrem by: Rebecca Peterson [4]

Eagle Rose Argyle by: Rebecca Peterson [5]

The Rose by: Rebecca Peterson [6]

Phun Love by: Rebecca Peterson [7]

You Rose by: Squidane [8]

The Stoot Running, Wind Beats! by: Rebecca Peterson [9]

Time-In by: Wendy SquarePants [10]

Cool-Off by: Wendy SquarePants [11]

The Wave Song by: Squidane [12]

Wind Song by: The Queef Fish Sisters [13]

Expectations Song by: Rebecca Peterson [14]

Trouble Expectations by: Squidward [15]

My Expectations by: Rebecca Peterson [16]

Your by: Nancy Suzy Fish [17]

Jenny Song by: Nancy Suzy Fish [18]

Heartsong by: Nancy Suzy Fish [19]

Flower Song by: Rebecca Peterson [20]


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  • The show ranges from TV-G to TV-14