"" is an IJLSA Adventures episode written by William Leonard and directed by Sponge123.


A report comes from Mermaid Man's fax machine. The Quickster comes up and reads it. The report says: "We suspect that a deadly piece of malware, otherwise known as a 'Computer Virus', could be sent from EVIL." The IJLSA put on special invisible cyber-suits from the drawer, and sets off into the nearest computer, a very old Mac OS 1. When they arrive inside the computer, Miss Appear suddenly sneaks off the screen. The Quickster thinks there's no way a virus could be inside a very old computing machine. Then the virus appears behind an icon. The Quickster jumps up on a folder and opens it, while hiding himself in an application. The virus looks in the application, and the Quickster kicks its face vigorously. When the Quickster runs out of the folder, Mermaid Man wakes up and updates the computer. Now inside a Mac OS 9, the IJLSA chase the virus into the Macintosh HD. After the virus sneaks into iTunes, the team block their ears when the virus cranks up the music to full blast - so loud it wakes up Barnacle Boy, who changes the computer altogether. Inside a Windows XP, the virus goes inside Start. When the Elastic Waistband can't find the virus anywhere, he opens Run and types in the virus' name. After the virus pops up, we hear Mermaid Man arguing that he likes Macs best, and he changes the computer to a Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The team hide in iMovie, when the virus finds a movie showing the IJLSA fighting. The IJLSA turn out to be real, and throws the virus in the trash, where the virus escapes, along with Miss Appear! Miss Appear explains to the rest that the virus was all her fault and she programmed it to mess up EVIL, but the virus went haywire. The IJLSA forgive her. Then the virus changes the computer to a future Mac OS 23. The IJLSA think it's time to go.

Mac OS 1 Desktop

The Mac OS 1 Desktop

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