Jellyfish are creatures that live in Jellyfish Fields. They produce jelly and can give a painful sting. SpongeBob and Patrick like to catch them in nets when they go jellyfishing.

Species of Jellyfish

real from on the show and made up ones

Common Jellyfish

Blue Jellyfish

Blue Crested Blaster Jellyfish

Speckled Squirter Jellyfish

Two-Fisted Jumper Jellyfish

Golden Throated Stinger Jellyfish

Glowing Three-Spot Jellyfish

Five-Spotted Jellyfish

Zero-Spotted Jellyfish

Purple Jellyfish (Rare)

Ice-Living Jellyfish (extinct)

Red Jellyfish (extinct)

Ink Jellyfish (extinct)

Striped Jellyfish (extinct)

more to be added




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