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Jellyfish Fields tips

Jellyfish Fields, or called Jellyfishing Fields in SpongeBob SquarePants and Plankton's Revenge, is an open field in Bikini Bottom where jellyfish live. SpongeBob, Sandy and Patrick like to go Jellyfishing here. It's near Sandy's Treedome.


  • 1366: The Explosion.
  • 1368: Jellyfish were born. Clams died.
  • 1377 - 1444: Jellyfishing started, 112,222 jellyfishes are killed by the war.
  • 1448: Kingshire gives Jellyfish Fields the title of National Park
  • 1766: 12 Jellyfishes are killed by a hunter.
  • 1887: New Jellyfish breeds arrive.
  • 1899 - 1912: Females gather grass.
  • 1912: King Jellyfish is born.
  • 1934: The last Porrieder Jellyfish died. It was killed by the oil spill.
  • 1955: Jellyfishers arrive.
  • 1968: Blaster Jack Jellyfish makes a first appearance from the baby Jellyfishes.

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