This is a page where you can create your own jellyfish, give them abilities and make fun places for them to hang out. It was created bySpongefan2 in 2009.


NOTICE: every ending always has jellyfish in it

EXAMPLE: Brown Jellyfish

  • 1.The Sponge JellyFish-this one of the most best jellyfish ever
  • 2.The Squid Jellyfish-is another best jellyfish
  • 3.The Star Jellyfish - A lazy jellyfish.
  • 4.The Giant Jellyfish -World's biggest jellyfish.
  • 5.The Ghost Jellyfish - A Dead Jellyfish.
  • 6.The Plankton Jellyfish-An Evil Jellyfish
  • 7.The Krab Jellyfish - A Crab jellyfish.
  • 8.The Puffer Jellyfish - This is a Jellyfish that blows up.
  • 9. The Multi-Jellyfish - Has multiple brains.
  • 10. Ancient Jellyfish - This is like a Roman Soldier.
  • 11. The Sandy Jellyfish - Can live in air.
  • 12. Buff Jellyfish - Very strong. Has been known to wrestle fishermen on the shores.
  • 13.The Warping Jellyfish- warps everywhere
  • 14.Zombie Jellyfish- Is a Jellyfish known to make friends with Ghost Jellyfish.
  • 15:Solid Gold Jellyfish - is rare and makes the best jelly
  • 16:Plush Jellyfish - are selled
  • 17:Fanon Phone Jellyfish - double as phones to other fanon universes. (Seen In Alternate Sponge Episode "Fanon Universe" To Talk To The Explorer 767 Help Center.) They Can't Sting,As The Stingers Are How You Dial A Number.
  • 18. Temmie Jellyfish - this type of jellyfish look and behave like temmies

add more if you like


NOTICE: ebery place begins with 'jellyfish'

EXAMPLE: jellyfish bottom

1.JellyFish Joint(Place to hang out)

2.Queen Jellyfish's Throne(Queen's home)

3.Jellyfish Beach

4.Jellyfish Destruction City (JDC is a place full of anti-jellyfish that don't like normal jellyfish.)

5. Jellyfish Warp (habitat of the warp jellyfish)

6. Jellyfish Forest

7.Jellyfish Point (Also known as Jellyfish Mountain)

8:Jellyfish Mansion

9:Jellyfish Plush Factory

10: Jellyfish Phone Center (JPC Is A Center Where Jellyfish Can Phone Jellyfish. Also Where Fanon Phone Jellyfish Live.)