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Jema De Spongina is a SpongeBob spin off produced by the Summit Media Group and The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions. In this spin off, former Welcome To Sea Paradise! character Andy is a superhero ninja destroying evil villans. It's ratings are TV-MA,TV-14, TV-Y7-FV , TV-PG,TV-MA-V And TV-MA-LS.


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Pilot Pitch: Andy is now a ninja!

1. Awesome love: Andy and Jenny(XJ9), his sweet sidekick, destroy the evil forces of Lord Stuart Snyder.

2. Go Kaboom! KABOOM!: Andy blows up one of Lord Stuart Snyder's evilyota vans and becomes a hero!

3. SUPER GUYS: The K.R.A.B.S. agency gets MAJOR UPGRADES!

4. Go off, Stupid Snyder!: Andy gets more attacks in his OWN episode!

5. BlueBob: SpongeBob gives birth to BlueBob and what was it caused by?

6. TBD

7. King Andy!


This series airs every day on EVERY HBO channel!


In the country of Italia, the HBO Family cuts are dubbed into Italian by Nickelodeon Italia. Lord Stuart Snyder is renamed:"Evil and Crazy King" for this dub only.

In our favorite Maple Syrup making country Canada, YTV airs the HBO Family cuts around the hour of 8:00. Sometimes it airs right after Count Duckula at 4:35 pm E/P. It airs along with Warriors of Bikini Bottom and Return to Bikini Bottom every day.

In the country of Germany. All episodes as HBO Family aired them are dubbed into German by Comedy Central and aired during the Afternoon in order.

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