An educational video produced by Eugene H. Krabs.


The video is co-produced by A.G.O.R.T.D.W.S.O.T.R.B.H.I.R.A.M. (A Group of Restaurants That Doesn't Want Squidward On Their Restaurants Because He Is Rude and Mean ). Mr. Krabs tells future fry cooks and cashiers about the good employee (SpongeBob) and the bad employee (Squidward).

1. How to Treat your Customer

Always be nice and confident about the customers

  • SpongeBob: Jumps out the kitchen, gives the customer his order and gives the change excitedly. Results: The customer cheers about it.

  • Squidward: Simply walks slowly, drops the food tray to the table and says the name of the order slowly. Results: The customer wasn't too happy about it.

2. Washing the Dishes

The more dishes you clean, the more money you will get ($0.50 per plate and 10c per utensils)

  • Squidward: Simply scrub the dishes and stack them.
  • SpongeBob: Puts dishwashing detergent on himself, use himself as a sponge and scrubs all the dishes, causing bubbles around the kitchen. Results: Gained $50.

  • 3. Fix Spaces

Lots of spaces means more customers can eat there

  • Squidward: Tries to push the table and chairs (The bubblegum is stuck under the base of the table and the barrel chairs have a loadful of heavy things but it's not shown)
  • SpongeBob: Lifts the table and chairs and toss it to another space (SpongeBob said he practiced Karate and lifted his stuff toy barbels)

  • 4. Plankton

Always watch out for Plankton

  • Squidward: Does nothing but read Art and Lifestyle Weekly for Squids magazine.
  • SpongeBob: Chases Plankton with a fly swatter while Plankton holds a Krabby Patty.

The short ends when Plankton jumps into Squidward's nose and SpongeBob says to Squidward "Hold still, Squid", then swats Squidward's nose and Plankton (It wasn't shown on-screen but you can hear Squidward and Plankton screaming) and ends with Mr. Krabs saying "This is what happens when a good and bad employee does.


  • Mr. Krabs
  • SpongeBob
  • Squidward
  • Customers
  • Plankton
  • Narrator (Not the French one, Heard at the Beginning)


  • The episode is similar to Boat Smarts (The name, comparing the good and the bad and the organization with long initials).
  • 2nd time Squidward is not aware of Plankton's Plans, the first was Single Cell Anniversary.
  • How can bubblegum be stuck under the table?
  • In Life of Crime, Mr. Krabs said he rented the pickles from Salty Sea Farms (As it says on the seats in that episode). It is probably why the barrel seats are heavy because it contained pickles.
  • In this episode, SpongeBob is strong, but in MuscleBob BuffPants, he is weak (Although he said that he practiced Karate and lifted his stuff toy barbels).


  • Old Drunken Sailor - Title Card
  • Happy Go Lively - "Hello, future fry cooks and cashiers"
  • Andy Anorak - How Squidward treats his customers
  • Wooden Bear - "Washing the Dishes" segment
  • Up She Rises - "Fix Spaces" segment
  • Hawaiin Link A - Squidward reads his magazine
  • Secret Service - SpongeBob chases Plankton

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