"Karate Island 2"
Karate Island
Airdate: 2010/2011
Guest(s): Jackie Chan as himself

Brian Tee

Karate Island 2 is the sequel episode to Karate Island. In the episode, SpongeBob is tricked into going back to Karate island to have his revenge and is challenged to karate competition. Meanwhile, Squidward tortures some people there with his clarinet playing.

"Karate Island 2" is an episode of Squidward vs. SpongeBob.

"Karate Island 2" was also known as the sequel of the homage of Noriyuki "Pat" Morita. Hong Kong actor, action choreography, stunt performer, and martial artist Jackie Chan guest starred as himself, training SpongeBob for the big Karate contest. The airdates where mixed in between 2010/201


SpongeBob receives a mail that says to go to an island, saying that he won an enormous record of Krabby Patty sweets. SpongeBob, along with his friends (and reluctant Squidward), go to the island, however, once they get there, it is revealed that he´s been trick to go back to Karate Island as revenge. Every person SpongeBob and Sandy met was there, ready to fight them immediately. They are all cornered by the Karate people. Everyone panics. Then, famous actor and martial artist winner Jackie Chan(in fish version) comes in and tells them to resolve their difference in a steady karate competition later that day, to see who´s better. If SpongeBob wins, he will be the owner and teacher of Karate Island, and if he loses he´ll agree to buy a time-share condo on the island like in the first episode of Karate island. Everyone accepts and goes to build the contest. Despite being cautioned by Sandy and Mr. Krabs(he doesn´t want to lose SpongeBob his fry cook for money), Jackie Chan trains SpongeBob through simple tasks, including punching a towel hang in the wall, and running up the escalator of the castle the correct way. Meanwhile, Squidward, still thinking that people think he´s the clarinet master, tries to show the people he´s music on the almost top floor, much to which the others think it´s a torture.


"Karate Island 2" was created for it´s first episode, honoring Pat Morita] It was originally broadcast in Nickelodeon 2009. It was part of the network's event for SpongeBob

Hong Kong actor, action choreography, stunt performer, and martial artist Jackie Chan guest starred in the episode as himself, appearing at Karate Island to help train SpongeBob for the big Karate contest against the Karate Island residents. His performance was sometimes expected since the Karate Island initial for martial artist, making some reference of him the videos.

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