This is the first season of the LEGO SpongeBob series. Nickelodeon is the supervisior to help PremierChannel TV. The show is TV-PG to TV-MA. This is an adult show.

Season 1
Front Cover
Release Date February 24, 2011
Season 1
Writers Andrew Batchelor
Directors Andrew Batchelor
Running Time 675 mintues
Cast SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Stars None
Rating U
Audio English


Subtitles English


  • Project of the World (TV-PG-D)
  • Patrick's Sunday (TV-PG-DV)
  • Erevec (TV-14-DSV)
  • The Kind Nightmare (TV-MA-L)
  • Patrick High (TV-Y7-FV)
  • PatBob StarPants (TV-14-DLSV)
  • The Day of Death (TV-PG-DLV)
  • The City of Bakers (TV-PG-L)
  • Don't Be A Jerk (TV-PG-V)
  • Happy New Year Everyone! (TV-PG)
  • Patrick's Birthday (TV-PG-S)
  • Midnight Party (TV-PG-DSV)
  • Evil Between Us (TV-MA-V)
  • The Return of the Dark Assassin (Guest apperances of Batman and Robin) (TV-14-D)
  • Get Aim (TV-14-LSV)