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Life in Bikini Bottom
Should I even
Life in Bikini Bottom logo created by Rocky Lobster.
Created by DanzxvFan8275
Original run February 9, 2017 - present
Genre Comedy
Format Animated series
Spin-off status Active
Directed by DanzxvFan8275
Writer(s) DanzxvFan8275
Rocky Lobster
Producer(s) DanzxvFan8275
Supervising producer(s) DanzxvFan8275
Television producers Luis TV
Temmie Central
Buzzy Beetle Nights
SpongeMorons TV
Production company Spectromite Entertainment
Title card creator(s) Rocky Lobster
DanzxvFan8275 (sometimes)

Life in Bikini Bottom is a PG-13 spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants created by DanzxvFan8275. The spin-off now airs on Luis TV, UltraFuse, STV3, Buzzy Beetle Nights, Fox Nights, LOOT, and SpongeMorons TV and is produced by Spectromite Entertainment. The show is currently premiering its second season. The origin of the name comes from when Mr. Enter mentioned Life in Bikini Bottom in his "Truth or Square" review, thus giving the show's name. Some ideas were even partially used.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Scott Kraps
  • Professor Sedgewick
  • Shitty B
  • ComputerBitch 5000
  • Bobby Debastardo
  • Erectomegan 
  • Shattered Penis           
  • Badass Rick
  • Ronnie Snickersnee
  • Wen Beiss

Guest Appearances

  • Puff Daddy





Year Award Category Result
2017 1st TheJasbre202 TV Awards Best New Spin-Off Won
1st TheJasbre202 TV Awards Best Spin-Off Nominated
1st TheJasbre202 TV Awards Best Season (Season One) Nominated
1st TheJasbre202 TV Awards Best Writer (DanzxvFan8275) Won
1st TheJasbre202 TV Awards Best Adult Spin-Off Nominated
1st TheJasbre202 TV Awards Best Title Cards (Rocky Lobster) Nominated
2018 2nd TheJasbre202 TV Awards Best Spin-Off Nominated

DVD Sets

Life in Bikini Bottom: Season 1 DVD is the first Life in Bikini Bottom DVD. It features every Season 1 episode with a Season 2 trailer. The DVD was released on June 30, 2017.

A Season 2 DVD will also release once that season has been fully produced and aired.

Theme Song

See also: Life in Bikini Bottom Theme Song

Our whole universe was in a G and PG state

Then nearly fourteen billion years ago was inappropriate, wait

Fatrick shit a stool, Shitward began to drool

They invented crap that rules

We built a great, great wall (we started cursing)

Shit, titties bursting, unraveling the coercing

This is Life in Bikini Bottom! PG-13!

Parental Guide

Click here to see the parental guide.

Role Requests

You can request to be a crew member here. Remember to put your username and the position you would like:


  • All episodes of Life in Bikini Bottom are in Widescreen HD.
  • Over the months, LIBB has gone through several title card changes.
  • On July 11, 2017, Rocky Lobster announced that Season 2 of LIBB will now have the original SpongeBob styled title cards.
  • On November 26, 2017, DanzxvFan8275 announced that every season will end with some sort of special. Prior to this, Season 1 ended with a double length episode, and Season 2 will end with a two-parter leading up to a movie.