Season 1

003:Cop Krabs

Plot:Mr.Krabs's uncle,Jon Krabs,comes to visit.

004:Kappa SpongeBob

Plot:SpongeBob meets the LilyMu gang.

005:Those Naggy Daddys!

Plot:A new hamburger competes against The Krabby Patty.

006:No Hat For SNIT

Plot:Mr.Krabs hires SNIT as The Krusty Krab.(Sequel to No Hat For Pat.)

007:No Chum Hat For Pat

Plot:Plankton hires Patrick.(Sequel to No Hat For Pat and the previous episode.)

008:Wacky Wallets

Plot:After a salesman sees Patrick's diamond,Patrick becomes rich.

009:The Secret Life Of Gary The Snail(TV Movie)

Plot:Gary has a secret life! 011:Even More Of a Bummer Vacation

Plot:Squidward takes a vacation,but is ruined by Patrick's annoyance. 015:A New Suit(Season Finale)

Plot:SuperSaiyanKirby buys a new suit.

Season 2

016:Inky Pinky

Plot:In the Season 2 starter,Squidward inks everywhere. 019:Famous-Bot

Plot:In the Season 2 finale,SNIT becomes famous.

020:Mysterious Stranger 2:Antied

Plot:Anti is born!

Season 3

021:Anti-SuperSaiyanKirby VS. William

Plot:William fights Anti.

Season 4

022:Quitin' Jack

Plot:Jack quits S.P.D.

023:Giant Squidwood

Plot:Squidwood comes back and becomes giant.

024:Omega Got's It Covered!

Plot:TOM is forced to be Doggie Williams's guardian

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